Interpersonal Attraction


Factors Involved in Lining Another Person

- Proximity (Propinquity)
  Interaction; Anticipation of Interaction
  Mere Exposure Effect
- Physical Attraction
  Physical Attractiveness Stereotype (Halo Effect)
- Similarity vs. Complementarity
- Liking Those Who Like Us


Bowlby's Attachment Styles

- Secure
- Insecure-Avoidant
- Insecure-Ambivalent

Ainsworth et al.'s "Strange Situation"


Sternberg's Love Triangle

- Intimacy
- Passion
- Commitment


Sternberg's Types of Love

- Liking
- Infatuation
- Empty Love
- Romantic Love
- Companionate Love
- Fatuous Love
- Acquaintance
- Consummate Love


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