Social Psychology

. . . is the study of individuals as they think about, feel about,
  and/or behave in a social situation.

Behavior = f(social situation x individual characteristics)

Level of Explanation

- Cultural environmental factors
- Social environmental factors
- Physical environmental factors
- Temporary individual differences
- Acquired individual differences
- Biological factors


Experimental Terms

- Dependent Variable
- Independent Variable
- Operational Definition
- Experimental Group
- Control Group
- Random Assignment
- Placebo


Design of Studies

Ask people to fill out two forms, one on helping behavior and the other on family income.
Have someone trying to lift a heavy box. Subject is either alone with the person or one of many.
Get United Way records. See if donations come from larger or smaller cities.
Select 20 universities about equal on several dimensions. Randomly assign half to an ad campaign. Measure blood donations.

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