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Judicial Affairs Process

When Judicial Affairs receives a report, an investigation into the case will begin.  Involved students and witnesses may be contacted to schedule a meeting. The meeting is an opportunity for the student to explain what happened from the student’s perspective. The meeting is educational, not adversarial, and students are expected to be honest and forthcoming during the process.  After the investigation is completed, one of two outcomes may occur:

  1. It will be determined that the student did not violate the Student Conduct Code and the case will be dismissed;
  2. It will be determined that the student has violated the Student Conduct Code and appropriate consequences or sanctions will be assessed.

If the student is found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code, the case will be adjudicated by one of two processes:

  1. The student will be offered a written Settlement Agreement in which the student accepts the university charges, the consequences that have been assessed, and the student waives the right to a hearing.
  2. The student rejects the Settlement Agreement and the process proceeds to a formal hearing.

The figure below may aid in further understanding the Judicial Affairs process:

Judicial Affairs Process