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Academic dishonesty reporting

All academic dishonesty cases that occur in the classroom shall be handled by faculty members.

Please click on the link to submit an incident report (Faculty & Staff): 

For more information, review Executive Order 1073 (PDF) on the CSU Chancellor’s Office website.

University policy on academic integrity

The university policy on academic integrity is outlined under Academic Integrity in the online campus catalog; view the Student Conduct and Discipline in the University Catalog now. It is worthwhile to quote a portion:

"The university is committed to maintaining academic integrity throughout the university community. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense that can diminish the quality of scholarship, the academic environment, the academic reputation and the quality of a Cal Poly Pomona degree."

"In accordance with Executive Order 1073, academic dishonesty cases that occur in the classroom shall be handled by faculty members. However, after action has been taken by the faculty member, the faculty member shall report the incident to Judicial Affairs."

The Office of Judicial Affairs is here not only to assure that statewide policy is fairly administered regarding violation of student codes of conduct, but to assist faculty members in ensuring academic integrity at a campuswide level. The policy says "the instructor is to report each instance of academic dishonesty to the director of judicial affairs" in part so that the university can maintain a data base of students who have committed such offenses.

The instructor who "takes care of it in my classroom" might be compared to a police force that issues tickets and collects the fine, but doesn't share this information with statewide agencies. Who knows if that driver has a history of speeding, reckless driving or, worse, drunken driving? It is the same with academic dishonesty. Reporting it and allowing the university to take action reinforces the severity of the offense to the student in particular and better serves the "law-abiding" students in general.

Faculty Expectations (PDF)
Confronting Cheating (PDF)

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