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Kyle D. Brown, Ph.D., ASLA

Current Courses in Regenerative Studies:
RS 520: Nature as Model

RS 540: Methods and Applications in Regenerative Studies*
RS 650: Seminar in Research Methods II

Past Courses in Regenerative Studies &
Landscape Architecture:

LA 301, 302, 303 - Intermediate Landscape Design*
LA 400: CPTED Applications*
RS 414: Current Applications in Regenerative Studies: Participatory Appraisal in Greenhouse Gas Reduction
RS 465: Ecological Patterns and Processes
LA 499: Addressing Social Justice Through Land. Arch.

LA 512: Methods & Applications for Landscape Architecture
LA 565: Advanced Information Technology in Land. Arch.
LA 601: Design Research
LA 602: Landscape Design and Natural Processes
LA 604: Environmental Analysis
LA 606: Ecosystematic Landscape Design*
LA 632: Landscape Technology
LA 652: Graduate Seminar
LA 694: Thesis Research
RS 599: Research Methods in International Development
RS 599: Participatory Community Appraisal*

* Courses have included community service-learning projects



Kyle D. Brown

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