Cal Poly Pomona

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Laboratory is housed in a converted classroom (43-109) and is used for the following purposes:

1.   To advance faculty’s scholarly opportunity and to provide faculty’s research with laboratory space for grant submission and peer-review publication

2.   To meet external funding agency’s requirements that the PI has adequate lab space and equipment to perform his proposed research in order to obtain funding the NIH-SCORE and NIH RO1 awards as well as non-government foundation award (i.e., the Chung’s Foundation; Am Diabetes Association; McNeil Nutritional Inc., etc)

3.   a) To provide laboratory opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students and b) to enhance student’s “learn by doing” experience in the KHP courses with lab or activity section:  KIN 458/A: Exercise Physiology Fieldwork, KIN 470/L: ECG in Health and Exercise; KIN 683/L: Advanced Exercise Physiology; and KIN 684: Advanced Exercise Testing and Counseling.

4.   To provide lab opportunity for student research  (both undergraduate and graduate) and faculty-student research (The courses are: KIN 461/462: Senior project; KIN 690 and KIN 699: Master’s thesis).  The equipment is two treadmills, two O2/CO2 analyzers (None are in working condition), two 12-lead ECG Stress Test (One needs repair and service), one skin blood flow monitor with temperature probes, one examination table, one -70 degree freezer, one -20 degree freezer and one refrigerator, one AED (Defibrillator), one PIXI Peripheral densitometer (On-loan from NASA to Dr. Michael Liang for his bone research), one MRTA instrument for measuring bone bending stiffness and Apple computer console (On-loan from NASA to Dr. Michael Liang for his bone research).

Last modified: 6/24/13