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KME Events

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Event Information

  • Broomball.  April 22, 2011.  10:10 - 11:10.  Ontario Ice Skating Center
    Come Play against Physics Club and Computer Science Club!!
    10 dollars.  You do not need to bring anything.
    Ontario Ice Skating Center Website

  • KME Banquet.  Bronco Student Center.  May 27, 2010.  5:00 pm
    Mardi Gras theme. $15 tickets with graduating seniors in for free. Need help with the     planning so contact Jennifer if your able to lend her a hand. This could be a good         chance to get your feet wet if you plan on running for an officer position next year.         Also any seniors interested in giving a short speech about your time at cal poly are         welcome to contact the officers about doing so.