kme math and stats club
Cal Poly Pomona


Listed here are minutes from the meetings of:

-May 3, 2011
-April 19, 2011
-April 4, 2011
-March 1, 2011
-February 15, 2011
-January 25, 2011
-January 11, 2011
-November 30, 2010
-November 16, 2010
-November 02, 2010


KME Minutes May 3, 2011

KME Minutes April 19, 2011

38 members in attendance.
Events: Broomball Friday 22nd at Ontario ice skating center 10pm.
May 27th banquet 5:30pm $15 tickets, graduating seniors 1 free ticket, inductee’s $10 ticket.
Induction into KME honor society.
Elections to take place next meeting in two weeks. Positions are as follows: President,     Vice President, Secretary, Social Chair, Treasurer, Webmaster, Science Council         Rep.
 Stoles now on sale, see Daisy for more info.
 Thursday Math Colloquium Robin Wilson at U-hour.
Still members who need to get their reimbursement from JMM.

KME Minutes April 4, 2011
- 45 members in attendance.
- Kaplan Representative talk. Free practice tests for grad school and free personal
    statement workshops. Located at Bronco Student Center.
-Doctors without Borders, 6 months free health are to developing nations.
-Events: May 27th Banquet, committee meeting on Thursday 4-7.
-Broomball Friday 4-22 10pm at Ontario Ice.
-More event ideas: integration bee, hiking.
-Elections for next year to be held Tuesday May 3rd, 2011.

KME Minutes March 1, 2011
-24 members in attendance
-Integration Bee 3pm in room 3-1623. Free t-shirt for participants and $25 gift card for the     winner
-Pi day will be celebrated Thursday March 10,2011 at U-hour in front of building 8. Pie         your professors and KME officers. Also come enjoy a slice of yummy pie.
-KME Banquet will be May 27th Friday at the BSC. It will be a Mardi Gras theme. $15         tickets with graduating seniors in for free. Need help with the planning so contact         Jennifer if your able to lend her a hand. This could be a good chance to get your feet     wet if you plan on running for an officer position next year. Also any seniors interested     in giving a short speech about your time at cal poly are welcome to contact the             officers about doing so.
-Pacific Coast Undergrad. Conference. @ Loyola Marimount. Register by Friday March     4th. Will be held Saturday March 12th. More info available online. Runs approximately     8am-4pm.
-Broomball event in the works for next quarter.
-Next fall math department scholarships available.
-REU’s deadlines are now, its not too late to apply but do so now.
-More Sweatshirts can be ordered if we get 12 or more people. Contact Daisy if                 interested.
-Stewart Lecture on Thursday about math education
-Midnight Madness March 11th 10pm-12am
-Email ASI president about the quarter system vs semester system debate. Take a             stand and let your voice be heard.

KME Minutes February 15, 2011
-27 members in attendance.
-CPP letters painting canceled due to rain
-Integration Bee March 4th at 3pm
-Pi day, Pie your Professors coming up, TBA
-March 12th PCUMC (math conference) free at Loyola Marimount.
-Movie Night coming up, stay tuned for more info.
-Shirt and Sweatshirt orders are in.
-Nano Days, need 25 science volunteers.
-Penny Jar fundraiser.

January 25, 2011
Minutes  January 25, 2011.    KME - Math and Statistics Club
 31 members are in attendance. 
-Drive in movie fundraiser raised $30 for the end of the year banquet.
-Sold 7 tickets to the Science Council Casino Night.
-Thursday Feb 10th UCR Grad School Rep. will be here to answer
 questions. (room # not yet known).
-Painting the CPP letters has been confirmed for Friday Feb. 18th 3-6pm.
-Integration bee sign-ups are now underway. Will be held March 4th
 with prizes for the winners
-Pie Day will be celebrated Friday before finals week with “Pie your
 Professor” fundraiser.
-Get money to Daisy for club sweatshirts. Deadline is Tuesday Feb 1st for
 for size, and Feb 3rd for deposit.
 Cost is $20 ($10 minimum deposit).
-Friday Feb. 4th Fundraiser: Love Triangle TV taping. Need 10 people
 to attend. Will go from 1-7:30pm in Hollywood (looked like there were
 only 4-5 people signed up by the end of the meeting)
-Budget Vote approved use of funds to reimburse those who attended the JMM.
-Science Council updates : SACS wine tasting/lecture - $12 dollars,
 reserve spot by Feb. 4th : Blood Bank Tour : For those interested see
***Next meeting for KME to be held in 3 weeks instead of 2. Will be
    held Tuesday Feb. 15th.***

January 11, 2011
KME Minutes 1/11/2011
44 members in attendance
-Joint Math Meetings Trip was a blast! Talk about experiences and information.
-Fundraiser: Mission Tiki Drive In “Green Hornet/ Due Date”. On
 Friday Jan. 21st. Tickets are $9.
-Integration Bee March 4th information TBA
-Painting CPP letters Feb 11th. Pending approval
-Science Council Casino Night 7pm-12am Ursa Major Western Themed,
  Friday Jan 21st room 8-14A for pre-event tickets.
-More TV Tapings?
-Broomball (likely next quarter)
-T-shirts have arrived. YAY!
-Pie day celebration. Pie a professor fundraiser? Looking at Friday
  before finals week.
-UCR grad school info
-Box of candy in math office fundraiser
-possible future club hike

November 30, 2010
Let the record show that 30 Members were in attendance at the KME math and stats         club on November 30, 2010.
- Last chance to sign up for the STEMS research
- REU’s (research experience for undergraduates). Check for opportunities on the NSF,      AMA, MAA, and AMS websites.
- Math for America Teaching Fellowship. See Dr. Wilson for more information on this         teaching scholarship.
- There were 94 signatures for the math room. The petition has been turned in. Thank          you to all who signed.
- Yoga tonight @ 5:30
- Movie Night  Thursday Dec 9th 6:30pm
- Idea for upcoming event. Have an integration bee.
- TV taping “Lets make a deal” Dec 16th. 9:30 am and 12:30 am.
- Borders in Chino 10-5pm gift wrapping fundraiser.
- Science Council, Engineering without borders presentation.
- Craft time. Dodecahedron Calendar Activity.

November 16, 2010
Let the record show that 30 attended the KME math club meeting on November 16th, 2010. Announcements:
- Leadership conference Friday November 19, 2010.
- Alumni Association looking for applicants.
- Joint Math Meetings Conference in New Orleans January 6th-9th.
- 6:30pm
yoga alliance club yoga session, Tuesday before finals week. See Jennifer Hall for more info.
-  Science Council
updates (see Robert Beck for more info)
       - Winter Social on January 21st. Presale tickets $20, at the door $25.
       - List of new science clubs.
- Dr. Wilson letting us know about a get together with Harvey Mudd College for pizza and problem solving 6pm Thursday Nov. 18th.
- The Moody Lecture Series Friday Nov. 19th at Harvey Mudd, 7pm.
- Scholarship Reception Tuesday Nov. 23rd.
- Last chance to sign petition for a math common room.
- This meeting is last chance to pay dues for club membership in order to receive a t-shirt.

November 02, 2010
Let the record show that 39 attended the KME math club meeting on November 2nd, 2010. Announcements:
-  Inland Valley Partners and Albertsons are teaming up to feed those in need this Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in volunteering please see Jennifer.
-  Anyone interested in some Yoga the Friday before finals? More info to come.
-  Science Council updates: A western theme for the winter social was chosen. November 14th there will be a walk for Down Syndrome.
-  We had 11 people participate in the TV taping of “Let’s Make a Deal”, unfortunately none of them were picked.
-  There will be a scholarship reception November 23rd in honor of those who are recipients.
-  Today at 1pm Morgan will be talking to a Science 101 class of physics majors about joining KME if anyone would like to join in and give some positive info about KME.
-  This Thursday is a teaching award ceremony during U-hour where our math department’s own Berit Givens will be honored.
-  Deadline for club dues in the next meeting in two weeks.
-  Watched the movie Flatland.