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The next meeting is May 17, 2011

Two Physicists were riding in a hot air balloon and were blown off course sailing over a mountain trail, and were completely lost. They spotted a jogger running on the trail and they shouted "Can you tell us where we are?"  After a few minutes, the jogger yelled back, "You're up in a balloon."  One physicists said to the other, "Just our luck to run into a mathematician". "How do you know he was a mathematician?" asked the other. "Well, in the first place he took a long time to answer; second, his answer was 100% correct and third, it was totally useless."

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Kappa Mu Epsilon, or KME, is Cal Poly's math and stats club and National Mathematics Honor Society. KME focuses on the appreciation of mathematics among undergraduates. All majors are welcome.

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