Alumni & Friends

Dear Cal Poly Alumni and Friends:

Our BSLA program is due for its professional accreditation from the LAAB, a group delegated by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards (CLARB) to review and assess programs leading to professional degrees. This process requires that we report on the accomplishments of our alumni - YOU! We would like to know what you have been up to since you graduated!

To collect this crucial information, we've created a brief survey monkey survey. PLEASE HELP us by filling in the survey - it should take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete and is crucial to our accreditation.

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The following numbers are from the Alumni Survey. It was sent to 805 alumni (all for whom we had email addresses) via surveymonkey. 218 alumni responded (27%).

• 88% of respondents are employed
• 49% spend most or all of their time in private practice, 25% in public practice, 12% in design/build, 4% in teaching, 4% in advanced study and research, and 5% in horticulture
• 15% of respondents have taken another degree
• 76% of the degrees are landscape architecture, planning, or architecture
• 6% of respondents are currently working on another degree
• 46% have become licensed as a landscape architect
• 34% have attained other licenses
• 18% of respondents have LEED-AP, landscape contractor, or arborist certifications
• 52% of respondents have been involved in significant professional activities, including volunteering with local or national ASLA, other landscape architecture-related groups, Urban Land Institute, or a plant-related organization.
• 33% of respondents had other professional accomplishments such as a delivering a conference presentation, winning an award, giving a guest lecture, or publishing an article in a print or online magazine or journal.

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