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Course Substitutions for ENV 115A


Laguna Beach Concept - Junior Studio, 2008Landscape Architects are concerned with the design, management, preservation, and use of the land.  The curriculum provides a foundation in all of these areas with a particular emphasis on design, along with the cultural and technical subjects that support it.  Coursework includes study of landscape design and planning processes, graphic communications, ecology, plants and planting design, construction methods and environmental history.  Instruction fosters the development of creative and problem-solving abilities, communication skills, technical knowledge, environmental awareness and professional attitudes.  In most courses, students develop design proposals or technical solutions for actual sites.

The Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) is a general professional degree, nationally accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board and approved by the California Board of Landscape Architects as meeting part of the qualification requirements for licensure examination. 

Undergraduate Program Coordinator:
Andy Wilcox

Undergraduate Program Advisors:
Class of 2015 - Philip Pregill
Class of 2016 - Rennie Tang
Class of 2017 - Andrew Wilcox

Class of 2018 - Barry Lehrman


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Course Substitution for ENV 115A

The Department has approved the following courses as substitutions for ENV 115/A:

Students must be aware of prerequisites and/or permission of instructor from the department within which the course/substitution resides.

ART 213: History of Western Art
ART 214: History of Western Art
ART 310: Art of the United States
FMA 350: Water and Civilization
GEO 351: California Geography
GEO 430: Geography of Landscape Preservation
GEO 435: Parks and Protected Areas
PLT 214: History of Garden Art
PLT 420/L: Urban Forestry
URP104: The Evolution of Cities
URP 482: California Water

ART 212.02 History of Western Art:
ART 213.01 History of Western Art:
ART 213.02 History of Western Art:
ART 214.01 History of Western Art:
ART 214.02 History of Western Art:
ART 216.01 History of Asian Art
ART 318.01 Art of the Italian Renaissance