Landscape Architecture Faculty


Barry Lehrman Barry Lehrman
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Office: 7-101c
B.Sci. Architecture, Ohio State University, 1994
M.L.A.Landscape Architecture University of Pennsylvania, 2005

Barry Lehrman teaches urban design and sustainability courses in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include: the energy-water nexus, urban performance indices, integrated performance modeling of buildings and landscapes, green infrastructure, urban heat island mitigation, eco-cities, the Owens Valley, and the aqueduct system of California.

As a practitioner and licensed landscape architect in Minnesota (MN license # 47285), Mr. Lehrman has many years of experience in the design and planning of projects that include brownfield mitigation, green infrastructure, renewable energy, and master planning.

Prior to joining the Cal Poly faculty, Mr. Lehrman taught at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Lehrman has served his professional organizations: as a member of the ASLA's Policy Committee, and is a corresponding member of the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Selected Publications:

Barry Lehrman, Douglas Delgado, Mary Alm, 2013 ‘Aqueduct as Muse: Educating Designers for Multifunctional Landscapes’ Arid Journal. Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall

Lee-Anne Milburn, Barry Lehrman, Tiernan Doyle, Eric Haley, James Powell, and Devon Santy. 2013. ‘Contested Water, Unholy Alliances, and Globalized Colonies: Exploring the Perception of Water by Residents of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Watershed’ Arid Journal. Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall

Barry Lehrman, Loren Abraham, Lance Neckar, Mary Guzowski, Elizabeth Turner, Derek Schilling. 2012. ‘Towards the Zero+ Campus: Energy-conscious and ecological design education in the United States’. Sustainable Energy Landscapes: Designing, Planning and Development, Sven Stremke and Andy van den Dobbelsteen, editors. Taylor and Francis.

Barry Lehrman and Elizabeth Turner, Zero+ Campus Project (Poster), AASHE 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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