Department of Landscape Architecture

Chair's Message

Lee-Anne S MilburnWelcome to the world of design! A life in design is both extremely rewarding and very challenging. Landscape architects have the honor of integrating art and science in service of the health, safety and welfare of the public, as well as contributing to environmental justice and sense of community. We work at site, local, city and regional scales to solve problems such as crime, lack of diversity, urban heat island effect, flooding, and air pollution (among others).

At Cal Poly Pomona, we are delighted to regularly win national and local design, planning, and analysis awards, but we also strive to be a program that balances both the pragmatics of design (parking, ADA, and other important issues) and the vision of a new future (sustainability and regeneration, social change and justice). This journey is not always comfortable, but it is always engaging. We are proud of our focus on Regenerating Los Angeles and Southern California, our partnerships with Urban and Regional Planning, the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, Architecture, and Civil Engineering (among others), and our multitude of projects that continue to serve local communities, non-profit groups, schools, and government organizations. Our students join a cadre of over 3000 alumni who are committed to health, growth, and beauty in the Southwestern United States and around the world.

We are in a period of change. As budgets tighten and resources are stretched to the limit, the faculty and staff constantly look for new ways to deliver a quality educational experience to our students. This includes new curriculum for the bachelor's program (to be finalized this year) and the master's program (to be finalized next year), new ways of funding enhanced learning experiences such as field trips, service learning, and lectures, and a new advising system. Just as in physical design, incremental change is far easier, but holistic, substantial, and systemic changes is sometimes uncomfortable and always challenging. That being said, it is my philosophy that a daring leap is preferred over passively shuffling into the future!

Here in Pomona's Department of Landscape Architecture, we pride ourselves on being creative, critical and curious. This is expressed in our philosophy focussing on local context, ethics, critical thinking, contemporary issues, enterprising solutions, and collaboration.

Go forth, and be BRAVELY CURIOUS!