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Student Recognitions

Students from Landscape Architecture (Ernesto Altamirano, Roy Guillen, Anais Placido, Tony Vazquez Perez, Ivan Velazquez, Alex Wade, and Whitney Redfield) and Plant Sciences (John Bennett, Cody Chavez, Raul Martinez, Adam Mason, Tobias Patino, Luellen Swayzer, Austin Zendejas, and Lucio Zepeda) joined forces this year to compete in Fort Collins, Colorado at the 2014 PLANET Student Career Day. Cal Poly Pomona ranked among the top 10, competing against 62 other schools, receiving 8th place. Whitney Redfield, a 2nd year graduate student in the Department of Landscape Architecture, received 3rd place in 3D Exterior Landscape Design, and teamed up with Tobias Patino, a Plant Science major, to win 2nd place in the Personnel Management competition.

Several Landscape Architecture graduate students teamed up to participate in Project Blue, a competition coordinated through the Department of Biological Sciences and the Kellogg Foundation involving a 3 phase design competition for the Kellogg Creek. Each phase represents the real-life professional process of design develolment: proposal, development, and implementation. In Phase 1, Flor Mota and Whitney Redfield received 1st Place for their conceptual design. In Phase 2, the team grew to include Jason Bingham, Xin Ma, Flor Mota, Whitney Redfield, and Tyler Sprague. This team also received 1st Place for their detailed design. A competing entry by Jane Tsong, a Landscape Architecture graduate student in the final year in the program, received 1st place as well. Phase 3 of the competition wraps up in the Spring Quarter and is open to all students to participate regardless of involvement in previous phases.


In Memoriam: Jeffrey K. Olson, Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture

A memorial celebration of the life of Jeff Olson, Professor Emeritus in Landscape Architecture, is planned for Saturday, March 8th, 2014. The celebration is scheduled for 3:00-7:00 pm in the home and garden of Bob and Peggy Perry, located at 564 W. 10th Street, Claremont, CA 91711.
A variety of food and refreshments will be served, including a home-made chili prepared using Jeff’s personal recipe. All are invited; please RSVP to: Celebrations of this type remind us all of the importance of friends, colleagues and family. Come and enjoy; share and remember your time with Jeff. See a sample of Jeff’s 46,000 page plant data base covering more than 33,000 plants! Assemble and fly one of Jeff’s ‘Flight Rings’ or glider planes in tribute to his life. Please share the news.

Jeff Olson, landscape architect and Cal Poly Pomona Professor Emeritus, died of natural causes on January 9, 2014 at his home in Pomona, California. Jeff was born in Seattle on December 9, 1943. In late 1945, his family moved to California, living in Marin City (Marin County) until Jeff was 9 years old when they moved to Tam Valley. Jeff also lived briefly in Greenbrae. He graduated from Tamalpais High in 1961, and went on to study architecture at the University of Oregon (Eugene) before transferring to landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Following graduation in 1965, Jeff joined the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Although Jeff had little interest in a long-term career in the military, the Marines certainly liked him – he was promoted to sergeant in about eighteen months. Following his military service, Jeff studied landscape architecture at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, receiving a Masters Degree in 1971. He then worked in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada before joining the faculty of landscape architecture at Cal Poly, Pomona in 1973. During his 28-year tenure at Cal Poly, Jeff served as coordinator of the graduate program from 1977 to 1992, was a member of the Landlab Planning Committee, Regenerative Studies Design Team, and the University Research Council. Jeff retired in 2001 and was awarded Professor Emeritus status by the Academic Senate. Both colleagues and friends came to know Jeff for his quick wit, encyclopedic mind and great attention to precision and detail. These qualities can be seen in his decades long preparation of ‘An Incomplete Plant Guide’ that contains data records on more than 33,000 plants that are grown in California. This plant guide is over 46,000 pages in length; efforts are being pursued to provide this database on the web later this year. Jeff also loved to travel, camp and play golf throughout the western states and found the Volkswagen Westfalia and Eurovan campers to be his perfect car.
Jeff is survived by his Sister Kathy Yent and her husband, Donald, of Mathews, Virginia.

Student Awards!

Undergraduate and graduate students in Landscape Architecture recently won a list of state, national and international landscape design and planning awards and recognitions. The Department of Landscape Architecture congratulates these students for their outstanding performance in learning and practicing Landscape Architecture.

EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

Concrete Habitat Units

October 1st, 2013, undergraduate students Evan Lee, Student ASA; George Kutnar, Student ASLA; Joshua Leyva, Student ASLA; Kevin Finch, Student ASLA; Nabyl Marcias, Student ASLA; Natasha Harkison, Student ASLA; and Kenny Sperling, Assoc. ASLA, received an Honor Award in the General Design Category of ASLA 2013 Student Awards. The team was advisored by Associate Professor Andrew O. Wilcox. ASLA has released a press release announcing 2013 Professional and Student Awards. Click here for the projection description and project boards.

EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

April 23, 2013, graduate students Carlos Flores, Hieu Nguyen and Elena Tucci received Runner Up Honor from the EPA 2012 Campus RainWorks Challenge with their LA 512 project "The Hydrological Belt" supervised by Dr. Weimin Li. According to EPA staff, The "judges were very impressed with the way your team balanced environmental, social, and cultural perspectives in creating a unique design". EPA has released a press release announcing the winners and honorable mentions for the Campus RainWorks Challenge "

Building up Jordan Downs

Building up Jordan Downs

Graduate Students Jing Cai, Jingwen Guo and Meagan Yellot won the 2011 Wayne Grace Memorial Student Design Competition with their project "Building up Jordan Downs". Click here the projection description and project boards.


Bolsa Intervention: Strategizing Performative Ecologies

Bolsa InterventionUndergraduate Students Oscar Gomez and Aaron Reece won an Honor Award in the Analysis and Planning Category in the 2011 ASLA Student Awards with their project "Bolsa Intervention: Strategizing Performative Ecologies". Details on the Teams' projection description and project boards are available here.


Circles Nanjing Wall Park

Circles Nanjing Wall Park Graduate Students Jing Cai received highly recommended award from the 2011 SLANT International Design Competition with her project "Circles Nanjing Wall Park". Click here for projection description and project boards.



Boxed + Shipped

Boxed + Shipped Undergraduate Students Miguel Jimmenez, Sergio Lopez, Samnang Thang won an Honor Award in the Communication Category in the 2011 ASLA Student Awards with their project "Boxed + Shipped". Details on the Teams' projection description and project boards are available here.


Human V.S. Fire - Exploring Life at the Wildland-Urban Interface

Graduate Students Elizabeth Hurst, Laura Male and BriAnna Weldon won a Second Place in the 2011 California State University Student Research Competition with their project, titled "Human V.S. Fire - Exploring Life at the Wildland-Urban Interface" presented at CSU Fresno."

Other News

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