Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there pre-requisites for entering the MLA program?

There are no pre-requisites for entering the program except for a bachelor's degree, but if you have an
opportunity in the spring or summer before entering the program to learn AutoCAD, it would be very

2. Do I need to take GRE as part of the application?What is the deadline for the GRE score to be submitted?

You do need to take the GRE and the deadline for our application is
January 15th. If we receive your GRE scores by the end of January, that
will be fine.

3. How many letters of recommendation are required? Is there a guideline for it?

Two letters of recommendation are required and guidelines are noted on
our website.

4. What is the submission list for the application?

The application process includes submission of a digital application
(see the website), plus supporting materials including a statement of
intent, GRE scores, a creative portfolio, official transcripts, and the
letters of recommendation.