Graduate Program Options

There are two program options leading to the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), based on the applicant's previous education and experience:

Three-Year Program:  Students with undergraduate degrees in non-design disciplines take a series of preparatory courses designed specifically to meet their needs. These preparatory courses, which begin in Summer quarter, will normally require 4 quarters of study before the student proceeds with regular graduate coursework.

Two-Year Program:  Students with previous degrees in landscape architecture or architecture may apply to complete the program in 2 years (6 quarters), joining students with non-design degrees during their second and third years of the program.

Culminating Experience: During the culminating year of both program options, students have the option to participate as part of a team in the 606 Studio, addressing the challenge of fitting people and natural systems together to create functioning ecosystems in collaboration with a team of faculty. An individual thesis option is also available.

Italy Study Abroad Program: Graduate students may participate in the popular Italy Study Abroad Program during the fall quarter of their second year of study.

Please refer to the graduate course flow chart (PDF) for more specific information about the sequencing of courses.