MLA Thesis Index

Students in the M.L.A. program have the option of completing a thesis or terminal project for fulfillment of their degree requirements. While the majority of students pursue a terminal project within our 606 studio, the Department has produced a number of theses since 1974. This page provides a chronological listing of completed theses, along with links to abstracts for most. All theses are available in the University Library.


Kjer, Tori. Community-Based Landscape Literacy in Slum Settlements.

Murguia, Raymundo.  An Observational Study of Immigrant Laborers in the Landscape Maintenance Industry.


Frieden, Milena.  Recognizing Mutual Self-Interests in the Galapagos Islands.

Menze, Jeanna.  Implementing Multi-Objective Greenways:  The Fate of Competing Objectives in the Cross Florida Greenway.


Fairleigh, Megan.  Innovative Stress Treatment Strategy: investigating the role of gardening in coping with the stress of the military lifestyle.

McIntosh, Montgomery.  EVAS:  A Decision Support System for Planning and Design.


Di Sabatino, Jean. Reciprocity and Mutualism: The Integration of Landscape and Architecture in the Reclamation of the Former Cornfields Rail Yard.

Pullman, Lori L. The Creativity Experience: Examining the Design Process in Landscape Architecture.

Sato, Takayuki. Emotional Responses to Flowering Landscapes.

Simpson, John. Tree Ordinances: Public Opinion Survey Examining Issues of Functionality and Aesthetics in Del Mar, California.


Matsuoka, Rodney H. Increasing the Acceptability of Urban Nature Through Effective Cues to Care: A Study of the Lower Arroyo Seco Natural Park, Pasadena, California.


Swarm, Darryl. Anxiety and Situational Stress in Medical Oncology Patients: An Environmental Study of Landscape Views in Treatment Room Settings.


Hickman, Julie Dee. Hazardous Waste in Landfills: EPA Policy Reviewed from a Landscape Architect's Perspective.


Panattoni, Pamela Ann. Communicating the Value of Landscape Architecture.

Tidwell, Janice. M. Unnatural Nature: Eight Artists Look at Southern California.

Van Atta, Pamela Lynn. Landscape Water Conservation: Toward a Community Education Strategy for the Helix Water District.


Morlock, Suzanne F. Environmental Innovation in Residential Subdivision Design: An Investigation in Orange County, California.

Stine, Sharon R. A Study of Human Factors Related to Food Production in Regenerative Agriculture: A Design of a Preliminary Labor Model at the Institute for Regenerative Studies.


McDonough, Marcia L. Rainforest Conservation and Agricultural Development: Conflict and Compatibility in Baja Talamanca, Costa Rica.


Kudija, Christine Marie. Ecosystematic Stormwater and Flood Management Practices for Southern California.


Paez, John Barry. Guidelines for Water Conservation, Including Integrated Computer Systems for Measuring, Designing and Managing Water Use in the Landscape.

Safford, Joan M. The Community for Regenerative Studies: An Investigation into the Human Role in the Environment.


Oliver, Bruce Alan. Renewable Energy Systems: An Integrated Approach to Environmental Design.


Weikel, Neil S. A Study of Basic Design Courses in Landscape Architecture Education.


Dakan, Kirk Spencer. The Value of Complexity in Environmental Design.

Murayama, Ruth Ellen. Reclamation Techniques for Western Surface Coal Mining.


Snowden, William R. Planning for Wildlife in Urban Areas.


Gross, Susan Jane. The Gardens of Edward Huntsman-Trout.


Oliver, Orville Edwin. Shopping Centers: Behavioral Archetypes and Design Synthesis.

Waldron, William W.. Providing Landscape Architect Design Services for the Average Homeowner.


Dimock, Mark William. Comparative River Basin Planning: A Historiographical Method for the Analysis of Regional Planning in America and China.