People Behind the Names of Eastern Sierra Native Plants

Short Historical Essays by Larry Blakely

California Chicory, Rafinesquia californica Nutt.; Desert Chicory, Rafinesquia neomexicana A. Gray
Constantine Rafinesque, and a little bit on Thomas Nuttall and Asa Gray

Desert Calico, Loeseliastrum matthewsii (A. Gray) S. Timbrook; Bushy Bedstraw, Galium matthewsii A. Gray
Washinton Matthews

Austin's Beardtongue, Penstemon floridus var. austinii (Eastw.) N. Holmgren
Stafford Wallace Austin

Large white desert primrose, Oenothera caespitosa Nutt.; Desert olive, Forestiera pubescens Nutt.; Nuttall's linanthus, Linanthus nuttallii (A. Gray) Milliken
Thomas Nuttall

Cliffbush, Jamesia americana Torr. & A. Gray
Edwin James

Yellow tackstem, Calycoseris parryi A. Gray; Sand blossoms, Linanthus parryae (A. Gray) E. Greene
Charles Christopher Parry

White tidy-tips (white layia), Layia glandulosa (Hook.) Hook. & Arn.
George Tradescant Lay

Anderson's Buttercup, Ranunculus andersonii Gray; Desert Peach, Prunus andersonii Gray
Charles Lewis Anderson

Eastwood's willow, Salix eastwoodiae Cockerell ex A.A. Heller; Toothed gilia, Aliciella triodon (Eastw.) Brand; Broad-leafed gilia, Aliciella latifolia (S. Watson) J. M. Porter
Alice Eastwood

Desert Ceanothus, Ceanothus greggii A. Gray var. vestitus (E. Greene) McMinn
Josiah Gregg

DeDecker's Lupine, Lupinus padre-crowleyi C. P. Smith
Father John J. Crowley, Mary DeDecker, C. P. Smith

Twinberry Honeysuckle, Lonicera involucrata(Richardson) Banks
Joseph Banks, John Richardson

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