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First Year Experience

The Learn Through Discovery LIB 150 First Year Experience (FYE) course combines a number of modules that will allow students to learn about information literacy skills, the basics of research, innovation, and service culture. When you complete the Lib 150 FYE course, you will satisfy GE area E and earn 4 units.

Information literacy - the ability to determine when, why, and what information is needed and then to find, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically to solve problems, make decisions, and communicate with others is a critical 21st century skill set that provides a foundation for lifelong learning and for success in the classroom, the workplace, and civic life.

In addition, you will learn about the importance of research, innovation, and service culture. Undergraduate research experiences can help students understand a topic or phenomenon in a discipline, while also helping develop strong transferable skills.  It is the opportunity to answer questions that you may have about the world around you. 

Innovation provides you the chance to nurture and build your ideas into sustainable solutions that will help your local community. You will develop entrepreneurial thinking skills, a mindset that allows you to apply creativity and innovation to solving the most difficult problems facing society, utilizing tools from your discipline. 

Service allows you to engage with the community, and to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world challenges and opportunities. You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in your local community.

Course list will be updated at the end of summer 2017.