Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona shall demonstrate that it is a learning-centered university by:

  • Being a community of intentional learners - Takes students learning not as an incidental byproduct of its main activities, but as their overarching objective, and Establishes measurable outcomes for student learning, as well as for university services, programs & activities;
  • Participating in continual reflection and improvement - Encourages students to take charge of their learning ; Provides diagnostic and support services to those constituencies to enable them to formulate and revise their learning objectives, measures its success by how well students, staff and faculty meet objectives and outcomes and uses assessment feedback to modify activities for continuous improvement; Implements effective measures to gauge its progress toward meeting its learning objectives, while continually working to align those objectives with its practices;
  • Emphasizing collaboration - Envisions all its constituencies (students, faculty, administrators, staff) as intentional learners and engages the entire campus community by intentionally creating opportunities for collaboration among members of the university community;
  • Incorporating learn-by-doing - students have opportunities to apply what they learn—and learn what they apply—in field experiences, community service, lab settings, and other hands-on experiments such as studios, performances, and investigative inquiries; fosters the attitudes that define intentional learning, including curiosity, initiative, autonomy, risk taking, self-direction, self-knowledge, and the exercise of responsibility;
  • Employing learning-focused policy making - Uses the promotion of learning as a touchstone for institutional decision-making and deliberation and allocates its budget and builds/maintains its facilities to support a learning environment.