Cal Poly Pomona



  1. University Learning- Centered Task Force
  2. Faculty Center for Professional Development "THE FUNCTION OF THE COURSE SYLLABUS"
  3. Assessment Resources at The Collins School of Hospitality Management
  4. Learning-Centered Technology Initiative. This page discusses how the laptop initiative ties into learning centeredness.
  5. Learning Centeredness Links from faculty Center for Professional development at Cal Poly Pomona

    Sample Syllabus
    1. Liberal Studies 462: Senior Project II
    2. Biology 301

    Samples of Learning-Centered Experimentation


  1. Inventio: Creative Thinking about Learning and Teaching, a journal published by George Mason University
    See especially "Is George Mason a Learning-Centered University?" by David L. Potter
  2. "Principles That Make Improvement a Positive Process" from The Teaching Professor
  3. Learning-Centered Syllabus: Designing a Learning-Centered Syllabus ; "Stalking the Superior Syllabus" ;
  4. John Tagg on the learning paradigm, and especially his article (with Robert Barr) contrasting teaching and learning
  5. A brief description of Peter Senge’s work on learning organizations
  6. The e-book of How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
  7. Transformation: A Bibliography for Intentional Learning , by Margaret Martinez
  8. The AACU’s report, Greater Expectations
  9. Core Commitments of a Learning-Centered University
  10. Powerful Partnerships A Shared Responsibility for Learning
  11. Info on Henry Giroux .
  12. An encyclopedia of educational theorists, their Top 100, including Gardner, Senge, bell hooks, Dewey, etc.
  13. Paulo Freire
  14. The Design of Constructivist Learning Environments
  15. Peter Senge's The Society for Organizational Learning
  16. The Sloan Consortium
  17. MERLOT provides faculty with an anonymous assessment tools

Institutional Discussions

  1. Learning centered discussions at Cal State Northridge – 2004
  2. 1998 discussion at Cal State Stanislaus – Note the Discussion item
  3. The Learning College: Both Learner and Learning Centered by Terry O’Banion. The section of the article entitled “The Difference” is particularly interesting.
  4. The Learning Centered Initiative at Valencia Community College in Florida. This initiative started in 1997. The Strategic Learning Plan and the Strategic Learning Plan Essays might be helpful.
  5. Building a Learner Centered Institution conference provides a list of the sessions. You may also want to visit The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning which organized the February 2006 conference.
  6. Learning Centered Teaching” from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia answers two questions : “What is Learning-Centered Teaching?” and, “Why are we doing Learning-Centered Teaching?”
  7. Developing the Learning Centered College at Cal State Northridge – College of Health and Human Development – The Learning Centered Retreat that was held in January 2006 was discussed. The “Summary of Results from the Learning Centered Survey” that was done in 2005 is also interesting.