Cal Poly Pomona

"The Tipping Point" Institutionalization Plan

On Becoming a Learning-Centered University

J. Michael Ortiz, President

Each Division and College will develop an implementation plan

The outcome of the plan will describe how each Division and College will institutionalize Cal Poly Pomona's progress in becoming a learning-centered organization building on the accomplishments of the University-wide Learning-Centered Task Force and the Faculty Learning Community.

The plan should address how the faculty, staff and students will continue to become aware and promote the learning-centered paradigm in the day-to-day operation of the Division/College. In addition the plan will describe how each Division and College would implement the eight points identified by the University Task Force in the context of achieving the outcomes of our WASC proposal and ultimately transforming the institution:

  1. Establishes measurable outcomes for learning, as well as for all university services, programs & activities;
  2. Uses assessment feedback to modify activities for continuous improvement;
  3. Engages the entire campus community by intentionally creating opportunities for collaboration among members of the university community;
  4. Measures its success by how well students, staff and faculty meet objectives and outcomes;
  5. In the classroom
    1. Focuses on what is learned, not what is taught (Differentiates learning from teaching);
    2. Incorporates "Learn-by-doing" activities so that students have opportunities to apply what they learn—and learn what they apply—in field experiences, community service, lab settings, and other hands-on experiments such as studios, performances, and investigative inquiries;
    3. Encourages students to take charge of their learning;
  6. Takes account of who its students, staff and faculty are as people, and the pressures that they are facing;
  7. Allocates its budget and builds/maintains its facilities to support a learning environment;
  8. Recognizes and rewards activities that advance these principles.

The expectation is that Divisions and Colleges will sponsor activities to educate and promote learning-centeredness. The outcome is to create a "tipping point" so that learning-centeredness becomes institutionalized.


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