2010 Presentation Event


Sample presentations from the 2010 Presentation Event

All titles link to PDF files which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Diana Minor, Student Affairs

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships Loan Me Your Ears!

Dr. Karen Russikoff, English

Teaching English Abroad

Glenn Shenker, Parking and Transportation Services

Using Video Technology to Teach Students Parking and Transportation Policies/Services

Jimmie Flanagin, Maria Zapien, Catherine Schmitt whitaker

Learning the Process to Request and Receive Alternate Media

Jody Hamabata, Engineering

Mario’s Dreamland Mini Float –EGR100 Lab

John Holland, Student Affairs

Identifying Majors Using John Holland’s General Occupation Themes

Laura Pohopien, Management and Human Resources

It's Who You Know... Connect NOW through informational interviews

Lisa A. Kessler & Bonny Burns-Whitmore, Dept. of Human Nutrition & Food Science

Students Feedback on Reflection Tools in a Service Learning Community Nutrition Course

Moises Rivera, Civil Engineering

My Successful Story Developing A Module to Illustrate Contaminant Transport

Rose Kukla, Enrollment Services

The Student Experience in BroncoDirect-Take Two

Sara Gamez, Student Support & Equity Program

Student Leadership and Career Development

Dr. Christina Dehler, CEIS

Growing a New Generation of Teachers at a Professional Development School

Jeff Tennis and Denise Rodriguez, Registrar’s Office

Communicating the New Policy EO 1037: Course Withdrawals, Repeats and Incomplete Grades