Faculty Stories: Henry Co, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Chair, Advisor
Department: Technology & Operations Management
Office: 94-203
Phone: 909-869-2732 ext 2732
Email: hco@csupomona.edu

Course: TOM 301
Required Textbook:
OM 3 Student Edition
Accessed electronically at: http://www.CourseSmart.com
Original Cost at Bronco Bookstore:
Cost of online edition/material:
Savings per Student:

Dr. Henry Co has gone above and beyond to provide his students with more affordable texts. Fortunately, Dr. Co found a website not where students could just purchase less expensive material, but through his research he has provided his students with a website to legally download free textbooks. “The students are happy” says Dr. Co. Instead of having the possible added stress of paying for textbooks his students are well equipped from the beginning of the course and are prepared to learn.