Faculty Stories: Jeff Cravello, Ph.D.

Title: Professor
Department: Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
Office: 86-132
Phone: (909) 869-4233
Email: jecravello@csupomona.edu

Course: ENG 104, ENG 105
Required Textbook: 
Easywriter W/ MLA & APA,
Accessed electronically at: http://www.CourseSmart.com
Original Cost at Bronco Bookstore:
Cost of online edition/material:
Savings per Student:

Professor Jeff Cravello has a unique solution to the high priced texts that could be used for his courses. Rather than requiring expensive anthologies “the majority of [his] texts are trade paper backs.” Professor Cravello explained that “Apart from my core rhetoric’s, I avoid using any text I can’t find on Amazon.com for under $20.00.” Professor Cravello’s urge to provide his students with more economically pleasing alternatives demonstrates his significant efforts to find solutions for more affordable learning.