Faculty Stories: Chari Pradel, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Art
Office:  13-210
Phone: (909) 869-3517
Email: cpradel@cpp.edu

Course: ART 212
Required Textbook:
Gardner’s Art Through the Ages
Textbook is available at a reduced cost to students from CourseSmart via the Bronco Bookstore.
Original Cost at Bronco Bookstore:
Cost of online edition/material:
Savings per Student:

Course: Art 216
Required Textbook: Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Non-Western Perspective
Author(s): Kleiner
ISBN: 978-0-495-57367-8
The course uses only three chapters from this textbook, therefore students are encouraged to buy e-chapters. Each e-chapter costs $8.99. Students get introduction, an excellent glossary and chapter one for free. The total cost is only $17.98.
Original cost at Bronco Bookstore: $105.99
Savings per Student: $88.01

Additional reading for the classes include online resources, such as museum websites.