Finding Open Textbooks

“Open textbooks are offered online under an open-source license that allows free digital access, low-cost print options
and customization by instructors”.  From   A Cover to Cover Solution, September 30, 2010.

Affordable Learning Solutions (from the CSU) 
You can search by ISBN's  to find an Open Textbook related to a book. The page also includes a keyword search tool by
topic for the MERLOT database, and links to textbooks in MERLOT by subject.

MERLOT's Open Textbook Initiative
MERLOT's collection has over 900 Open Textbooks, and it allows you to search for textbooks by subject, whereas many
other sites just provide list of books, which can get unwieldy. Click on a link to your subject area and you then get a hit list
of Open Textbooks in different sub-disciplines.

Flat World
This commercial venture offers free and open high quality online textbooks. Open means that you can edit them, adapt them,
and change them for your classes. Flat World makes their profits by selling supplements, and pdf and print copies of their
books for students who want physical copies.

Rice University's Connexions is a repository of open materials. Their list of other sources includes the College Open Textbook group
and the OER Commons Textbooks, which are worth looking at.