Affordable Learning Initiative (ALI) Steering Committee

Its Charge

The charge of this steering committee is to provide the infrastructure to assist faculty and students in locating affordable, accessible, and quality alternatives to reduce the cost of textbooks and other educational materials while inproving the quality of the teaching and learning process. The goal is to help faculty identify, evaluate, and access alternative resources by:

Its Makeup

This committee will consist of the major stakeholders on campus. Currently these are:

Marten denBoer Provost
John McGuthry CIO
Ray Wang Dean of Library
  Representative from each college, to be appointed by the Academic Senate for a 2-year term
Gently Ang Learning Disability and Mental Health Specialist, Disability Resource Center
Victoria Bhavsar Faculty Center Program Coordinator
bullet Suzanne Donnelly Associate Director, Bronco Bookstore
bullet Emma Gibson ALI Steering Committee Chair, Library Faculty
bullet Leslie Jones Library Service Specialist, Library Staff
bullet Bedan Kamau Sr. Instructional Designer, eLearning
bullet James Koga Science Librarian/Reference, Library Faculty
bullet April Dawn Senior Instructional Designer, eLearning
bullet Ann Morgan Collection Management Coordinator, Library Faculty
bullet Dennis Quinn Chair, Interdisciplinary General Education
bullet Caleb Rickard ASI Senator-at-Large, Student Interest Council (SIC)
bullet Harmit Singh Human Nutrition & Food Science, Faculty
bullet Christy Stevens Head of reference and Instruction, Library Faculty
bullet Erick Zelaya Multimedia Developer, eLearning