Involve Your Librarian!

Librarians can become involved in your course in many ways. For example, we can create customized content for your class that is designed to help improve your students' research skills. We can also hold virtual research help hours via Blackboard's chat or discussion board. If you'd like a librarian to work with you and your students in the Blackboard environment, contact your subject specialist and then add them as a co-instructor within Blackboard.

Adding a librarian as a co-instructor requires setting up the librarian as a course user and then upgrading the privileges of the user, as follows:

Go to the Control Panel and click “Enroll User” under the User Management section.

Control Panel Enroll User

 Search by the last name of the librarian and look through the results until you find them.

Search for your librarian

Click the checkbox next to their name and click “Submit” to save your choice.

Now that you have added the user, you can upgrade the user’s privileges to the co-instructor. This allows them to post notices and materials to the course site via the Control Panel.

To Change a user’s privileges go to the Control Panel and click “List/Modify User” under the User Management section.

List/Modify User

Search by the last name of the librarian, and then click Properties to the far right of the name.

Modify Role

Choose either “Instructor” or “Teaching Assistant” from the list of User Roles (both give full access to the Control Panel and its functions). Click “Submit” to save your changes.

Change Role


Christy Stevens
Library Instruction & Information Literacy Coordinator