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Checkout Movies (DVDs) and Music (CDs)

Welcome to the Library "Tip of the Week" page. The purpose of this service is to share helpful tips about the library, research, or just information in general.

Checkout Movies (DVDs) and Music CDs

You already know about checking out books - but did you know that we also loan out popular and educational DVDs (movies) as well as Music CDs for FREE!

Locating DVDs/VHSs

  • To find DVDs, go to the Library Catalog
  • Type in your search term (you can do a keyword, author, title, or subject search – click the tab for the type of search you wish to do)
  • Use the pulldown menu in the “Search Entire Collection” area to restrict to – DVDs/VHS or CDs
  • Click submit

If you want to get a list of DVDs only,  after clicking submit and receiving your results

  • Select Modify Search at the top of the screen
  • Select DVD in the Location Box
  • Click submit and enjoy!

DVDs, VHSs, and CDs Loan Period is 7 days and has a one-time renewal.
Our collection of audio CDs, Videotapes and DVDs are on the second floor in the Media area. Feel free to browse.

You are welcomed to use the viewing/listening equipment on the second floor. 
You can also check out earphones at the Circulation Desk on the second floor.

Here are some other useful tips: