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R.L.Balzer Cal Poly Pomona

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Portraits of Robert Lawrence Balzer.


Portrait of Robert Balzer by James-Paul Brown

1991 - Portrait by James-Paul Brown


Oil painting by F. A. Marchand of Robert Lawrence Balzer doing "The Paronetto," a procedure that Balzer taught his wine students. The hand is used to cover the top of the wine glass, then the wine is swirled up to 10 times before inhaling the much intensified bouquet or aroma of the wine while tasting it.

Cambodian pastel of Balzer

1958 - A pastel made in Cambodia of Robert Lawrence Balzer.

Cambodian pastel of Balzer

Portrait of Robert Lawrence Balzer.

Balzer's portrait

Robert Lawrence Balzer, 1948.

Blazer in flight helmet during WW2

Flight Instructor Portrait.