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Cal Poly Pomona Book Authors, 1994 - 1995

Baker, Frederick J.
Student Teaching Manual, Department of English, Pedagogical University. Bilingual English/Lao Language Edition.
Educational Psychology.
General Teaching Methods for Primary Schools.
Child Growth and Development. Teacher Development Center.
Lao, Peoples Democratic Republic, 1994.

Chair/Professor School of Education and Integrated Studies


Brum, Gilbert D., Karp, Gary and Mc Kane, Larry.
Biology Fundamentals. New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.

Chair/Professor Biological Sciences, Professor Biological Sciences]

Chair/Professor School of Education and Integrated Studies


French, Jere S.
The California Garden: and the Landscape Architects who Shaped it. Washington, D.C., The Landscape Architecture Foundation, 1993. SB466 U65 C235 1993.

Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture.

Jere Stuart French, is Professor Emeritus and former dean of the College of Environmental Design, California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, and has been teaching the history of garden design for over thirty years. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, holder of the Bradford William's Medal for Literature in Landscape Architecture (ASLA), and since 1982, Distinguished Member of the Landscape Architecture honor society, Sigma Lambda Alpha. He writes regularly for several environmental publications in the United States and abroad.

book cover

Gonzales, Trindad and Farrell, Joseph.
Composicion Practica. New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1994. PC4420 G56 1994.

Professors, English/ Foreign Languages

Joseph Farrell, Ph. D., is Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language coordinator in the English & Foreign Language Department at Cal Poly Pomona. He is an editorial consultant for several publishing houses: Houghton-Mifflin, Random House, McGraw Hill and Holt, Rinehard & Winston. In addition to co-authoring (with Trinidad Gonzales) Composicion Practica, Dr. Farrell has recently published two articles in Hispanic American Historical Review, and he has presented papers or chaired panels at various conferences and professional meetings. He is a founding member of the Foreign Language Council of the CSU, and has been a Spanish language consultant to the Pomona Unified School District and Ontario-Montclair USD, Mattel Toys, Inc., and the Santa Fe Railroad. A member of Sigma Delta Pi and Phi Beta Delta, Dr. Farrell is also an N.D.E.A. TITLE IV Fellow.

book cover

Irvine, Robert.
Operational Amplifier: Characteristics and Applications. 3rd ed., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice Hall. 1994. TK7871.58 O6 I78 1994.

Professor Electrical/Computer Engineering


Kupsh, Joyce.
How to Create High Impact Business Reports. NTC Business Books, 1995.

Department of Operations Management, Multi-Media Display Center

Dr. Joyce Kupsh is a Professor in the Operations Management Department in the College of Business Administration . Her doctoral work was completed at Arizona State University in the areas of business, education, and instructional technology. Presently, she teaches presentations and facility management/ergonomics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and is director of the Multimedia Design Center at Cal Poly. With several grants and a number of donations, she has established a multimedia triad, which consists of three computer labs open to faculty, staff, and students from throughout the university. Staffed by students, the Center provides hardware, software, and training or guidance to users. She is author of six books.


Lyle, John T.
Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development. New York, John Wiley & Sons. 1994. GE140 L95 1994.

Professor Landscape Architecture

John Tillman Lyle is a Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, California, where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in landscape design and planning, landscape history and theory, and ecological design and planning. In addition, Professor Lyle has spent the past seven years guiding the design of Cal Poly's Center for Regenerative Studies. Acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities on environmental design and regenerative systems, he has been a visiting professor and guest lecturer at universities worldwide, including the Kyushu Institute of Design, Japan, the University of Venice, Italy, the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the North China University of Technology, the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and many others. The recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his work in landscape architecture and as an educator, he has received seven separate honor and merit awards for planning and analysis, design, and communication from the American Society of Landscape Architects. A certified architect in the state of California, Professor Lyle has a thriving private practice specializing in architectural and landscape design and planning. His previous books include the ground-breaking Design for Human Ecosystems: Landscape, Land Use, and Natural Resources.

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Misner, Ivan R.
The World's Best Known Marketing Secret: Building Your Business with Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Austin, Texas, Bard & Stephen, 1994. HF5415.126 M56 1994. [Business Administration]

Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D., is president of Business Network Intl., headquartered in the Los Angeles area. BNI has more than 300 thriving chapters in North America. Dr. Misner's dissertation research at the University of Southern California was on business networks.

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Nagel, Greta K.
The Tao of Teaching. The Special Meaning of the Tao Te Ching as Related to the Art and Pleasure of Teaching. New York, Primus. 1994. LB1025 E4488 Z55 1994. [Lecturer School of Education and Integrated Studies]

Greta K. Nagel, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in a joint program at San Diego State University and The Claremont Graduate School. She is currently a faculty member and supervisor of student teachers at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. She makes her home in Fullerton, California.

book cover

Nise, Norman.
Control Systems Engineering . 2nd ed., Redwood City, CA., Benjamin/Cummings, 1995.

Professor Electrical/Computer Engineering

Control Systems Engineering, Second Edition gives students a clear and thorough introduction to controls. Designed to motivate students' understanding, the book emphasizes the practical application of systems engineering to the design and analysis of feedback systems. Using a rich pedagogy, Norman S. Nise challenges students by applying control systems theory and concepts to real-world problems. The book's up-dated content and format make it the text that enables students to build the control systems needed to support today's advanced technology.

book cover

Siegel, Ben and Cronin, Gloria L., ed.,
Conversations with Saul Bellow. Oxford, Mississippi, University of Mississippi Press, 1994. PS3503 E4488 Z55 1994

Professor English/Foreign Languages

Siegel, Ben. ed.,
Critical Essays on Nathanael West . New York, G.K. Hall & Co., 1994. PS 3545 E8334 Z63 1994

book cover

Shrage, Laurie.
Moral Dilemmas of Feminism: Prostitution, Adultery, and Abortion. New York, Routledge Press, [part of the Thinking Gender Series], 1994. HQ1190 S45 1994.

Associate Professor Philosophy

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Wooden, Wayne S.
Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws: From Youth Culture to Delinquency. Belmont, CA., Wadsworth, 1995. HV1421 W66 1995.

Professor Behavioral Sciences

Wayne S. Wooden (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Criminal Justice and Corrections Program at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. His other books include Children and Arson: America's Middle Class Nightmare, Men Behind Bars: Sexual Exploitation in Prison (both of which were nominated for the Outstanding Research Award by the Crime, Law, and Deviance section of the American Sociological Association), and What Price Paradise? Changing Social Patterns in Hawaii. His work in the area of juvenile delinquency has been featured in such publications as Psychology Today and The New York Times.

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Original Bibliography prepared by Bruce Emerton 3/95

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