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Cal Poly Pomona Book Authors, 2012 - 2013

Abraham, Stanley C. (emeritus)(College of Business)
Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success. 2nd edition (also includes a companion website). United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing. 2012.

cover of strategic planning book

Abraham, Stanley C. (emeritus)(College of Business)
Strategic Management for Organizations. Bridgepoint Education, Inc., 2012.

cover of book strategic management for organizations

Bartolacci, Michael (author, editor) and Powell, Steven R. (faculty) (Computer Information Systems Dept.)
Advancements and Innovations in Wireless Communications and Network Technologies.. Steven Powell, editor. IGI Global, 2013.

cover of advancements and innovations in wireless communications and network technologies

Berk, Joseph. (faculty) (Engineering Dept.)
Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement: 7 critical factors for delivering manufactured goods on schedule. (Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement series).
7P Publications, 2013.

cover of book manufacturing delivery perfomance improvement

Berk, Joseph. (faculty) (Engineering Dept.)
Unleashing Engineering Creativity. Eogogics Inc. Vienna, VA., 2013.

cover of book unleashing engineering creativity

Buchholtz, Debra. (lecturer) (Geography and Anthropology Dept.)
The Battle of the Greasy Grass/Little Bighorn: Custer’s Last Stand in Memory, History and Popular Culture. New York: Routledge, 2012.

cover of the battle of the greasy grass/little bighorn

Cherkawi, Sidi Benzahra. (faculty) (Physics Dept.)
A Quest for the Physical Reality of Time. iUniverse, 2012.

cover of a quest for the physical reality of time

Finton, John. (alumnus)
California Luxury Living : A Private Tour. Images Publishing, 2013.

cover of california living a private tour

Levine, Iris. (faculty) (Chair, Music Dept.)
Conducting Women’s Choirs: Strategies for Success. (book with companion DVD). GIA Publications, 2012.

cover of conducting women's choirs

Lindsay, Brendan C. (alumnus)
Murder State: California’s Native American Genocide, 1846-1873. University of Nebraska Press, 2012.

cover of murder state

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Bibliography prepared by Danette Cook Adamson

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