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May 17, 1932 - Kellogg Ranch Presentation Ceremony. 

  presentation ceremony

June 7, 1946 - Decoration ceremony for Major Clayton 

  decoration ceremony

Voorhis Chapel in San Dimas.

  Voorhis chapel

  1950 - Dedication of Voorhis Rock.

  Voorhis rock

1955 - Voorhis College Men. 

  Voorhis college men




January 1, 1949 - Cal Poly's First Rose Float 

  first rose float

c1962- Graduation in the Rose Garden



1960 's - Women in Dormitory room 

  Women in dormitory

October 24, 1967 - President Robert Kramer Inaugurated

  Kramer Inaugurated


December 1968 - Library Moves to New Building 

  Library Moves
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