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October 24, 1967 - President Robert Kramer Inaugurated

 Kramer Inauguration

The Pomona campus became an independent college from San Luis Obispo in 1966. Julian McPhee, who retired that year, had served as President of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo since 1933 as well as of the Voorhis Unit and later the Kellogg Unit. In 1966 Dr. Robert C. Kramer became the first president of the newly independent Cal Poly Pomona. He was formally inaugurated the following year. During Dr. Kramer 's presidency the campus experienced tremendous growth and developed international programs. By 1972 the campus had grown to the point where it was officially declared a "University". Robert Kramer served as President until 1977 when he left to become a program director in agriculture for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.



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