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December 1968 - Library Moves to New Building

library moves 

Student, faculty and staff crews worked hard during December 1968 moving over 150,000 books, plus furnishings and equipment into the newly built University Library (bldg. 15). The Blue Key service club did an outstanding job promoting and organizing the move. Initially, the new library building had four levels which were designed to allow for the later addition of two more stories. Harold F. Wells, director from 1954 to 1983, had already presided over library moves from the Voorhis campus to the Kellogg campus (bldg.2) in 1956, and from bldg. 2 to bldg. 5 in 1959. His successor, library director Harold B. Schleifer, later oversaw the addition in 1989 of two more floors to the top of the building. At that time the book collection had grown to 500,000 volumes.  
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