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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 15

Summer Quarter, 1994

Directories of publishing opportunities and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne

Directories of publishing opportunities:

The following two directories are offered in light of the College of Business Administration AACSB accreditation and other considerations which encourage faculty to publish articles:

Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Business and Economics (Ref H 91 C23) is in three volumes. The journals are listed alphabetically with such information as the type of review (blind, editorial), number of reviewers, acceptance rate, fees (if any), type of reader, and manuscript guidelines. The manuscript guidelines often include descriptions of the type of articles the publication is seeking. Unfortunately, there is no overall indexing by level of reader, type of article wanted, whether the journal is refereed and similar data which would save time in sorting and selecting titles to submit articles to.

On the other hand A Guide to 100 Publishing Opportunities for Business Faculty (Ref H 91 G85 1990), written by two faculty members of the School of Business and Administrative Sciences, CSU Fresno, does have indexing by category. The categories pretty much correspond to academic disciplines, for example "Accounting, "Production and Operations"; there are 11 categories. The descriptions of each journal include the review process, editorial objectives, and titles of representative articles in a sample issue. Of course, both directories contain addresses for submission of manuscripts.

And more...:

An insurance book shelf for FRL:

The Inland Empire chapter of the Society of Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU)--member Cal Poly alumna Charlotte Hershkowitz CPCU was instrumental--has presented a gift to the University Library of 24 volumes used in gaining certification as a CPCU. The blue and gray-bound titles are all shelved together on the fourth floor under the call number HG 8048 C26. Of these the titles directly devoted to insurance are:

Code of Professional Ethics of the American Institute for
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (1993)
Insurance Perspectives (1992)
On Professions, Professionals, and Professional Ethics (1978)
The Legal Environment of Insurance 2v. (1993)
Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance 2v. (1986)
Issues in Insurance 2v. (1987)
Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance 2v. (1988)
Property-Liability Insurance Accounting and Finance (1990)
Computers in Insurance (1990)
Insurance Operations 2v. (1992)
Insurance Contract Analysis (1992)
Personal Risk Management and Insurance 2v.(1989)

A New CD-ROM for ACC and FRL:

We now receive the RIA federal tax service on CD-ROM. Called RIA OnPoint, this comprehensive resource includes the Federal Tax Coordinator 2d (formerly Prentice-Hall), the Master Federal Tax Manual, the full text of both the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations -- all available via computer terminal. The terminal is located in Reference, first floor near the law books. The screens for each of the titles are color coded. As you type in terms a "word wheel" appears in a window showing the term. You can also link from any sections to other relevant text. The latest 52 issues of the RIA Weekly Alert comes in paper.

A reference source for averages:

For the average number of chickens eaten in a lifetime, calories in a kiss, salaries in hotel/motel administration, and more consult the Gale Book of Averages (Ref HA 155 G34 Ref Desk). Chapters of interest to business and HRM include averages for Business and Labor, Consumption, Income, and Travel, Entertainment, and Recreation. There are indexes leading to subjects and to Values such as time or money.

A reference source for European Industry:

The Panorama of EC Industry (Ref HC 241.2 P313) is a yearly encyclopedia of the manufacturing and service industries in the European Community (EC). The industries are arranged by the NACE coding system; there is unfortunately no overall index, the tables of contents are just specific enough, however, to lead to the major industry groups. In addition to traditional manufacturing industries, there is coverage of financial, business, information and other services including film and television. The industry descriptions are detailed including an industry profile, structure, market forces, environmental considerations, regulations, and outlook. Numerical data is presented in charts and graphs. There is also a "Special Features" section of articles on particular sectors of EC industry.

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