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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu



Issue Number 17 Winter Quarter, 1995

New Library technical innovations (Cont.), and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne

` New Library technical innovations (Cont.):

First, to log on to the University Library catalog (OPAC): Library Services are now a menu selection on the University Instructional VAXcluster. Select 2. from the Information Systems Menu (ISM); then select 1. Online Catalog System (OPAC); enter library (all lowercase). The Main Menu choices are:

We are adding databases on menu choice F>; more info in future Inform..

We have a CD-ROM Local Area Network (LAN) of ten workstations available in the Library. Each terminal offers the user a choice of 10 databases which include The F&S Index Plus Text - U.S. an index with abstracts or full text, to 1,000 trade and industry publications. The CD-ROM LAN is not available from your terminal yet.

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And More...:

Lodging industry market research data:

The Digest of Current Lodging Industry Market Research Studies (Ref TX 909 D53) brings data from a variety of recent studies of the U.S. lodging industry together into one source. Since the Digest is published occasionally (1983, 85, 88, and 1993) the information is usually several years old. The data is arranged in sections which bring together results on studies about motivation for traveling, demographics of travelers, sources where travelers get information, points of origin (U.S. or foreign), use of lodging alternatives, services offered and preferred by travelers, factors considered, recreation and activities of travelers, and a miscellaneous category. Appendixes include copies of questionnaires used, references cited, and lists of research and hospitality organizations.

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A guide for investing in hotels:

Hotel Investments: a Guide for Lenders and Owners (Ref TX 911.3 F5 R87 Reserve, ground floor) describes itself as "a guidebook for those who want to actively participate in the lodging industry while keeping their risk exposure to a minimum". Those would include owners who invest risk capital, lenders who invest debt capital, and operators who invest their time and effort. This is a comprehensive reference source which includes an overview of the lodging industry, as well as tabbed sections on hotel development or acquisition, hotel management and franchises, and development, acquisition, and finance, with an overall index. The appendix includes checklists and contract clauses. There is a directory and a large, annotated bibliography. This source is accompanied by hotel valuation software; both are shelved in Reserve, ground floor.

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Economic indicators for developing Asian countries:

The Asian Development Bank issues annually Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries (Ref HC 411 A754a). Here Asia starts with Afghanistan and "developing" includes Taiwan (Taipei, China), Korea, Republic of, and Hong Kong along with Bangladesh, etc. The data is divided into two parts; Part 1 "Regional Tables" gathers countries under topics such as "land use", "maize production" and "consumer price index". The second part, "Country Tables", presents key indicators--production, energy, finance, trade, and more--yearly for 20 years. The volume concludes with a listing of data sources for each country.

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A directory of information services:

The Directory of Business and Financial Services (Ref HG 151.7 D57) is a valuable guide to information, for the most part, usually not found in basic library business reference sources. Here "services" are defined, basically, as "information...providing...facts, statistics, or news in a focused subject area.... ...at least twice per year." The disciplines, purposes, or data in the titles described include business law, taxation, investments, employment, energy, the environment, insurance, and statistics as well as topical events. Since this guide is written by business librarians it has the actual needs of the seekers of information more in mind than other similar source directories. This is evident both in the detailed cross-reference subject indexing leading to the titles and in the descriptive annotations provided for each (instead of a simple listing of titles alone by broad categories). The listings also give address, phone, FAX, and subscription prices for the services. In addition to the subject index, there are a master title index, and a publisher's index.

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Nonprofit law:

The purpose of the Nonprofit Law Dictionary (Ref KF 1388 A68 H66) is to "provide useful definitions of all the terms in the law pertaining to nonprofit organizations". Though the definitions are detailed enough to stand alone they are coded to refer to sections in the publisher's (Wiley) series of other titles about nonprofits, so the Dictionary serves as a master index to these. In addition, the definitions often include citations to sections of the IRS Code.

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The text of The NAFTA:

We how have in paper copy The NAFTA 2v. (Ref KDZ 944 A41992 A2 1993), or more exactly, "The North American Free Trade Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America, The Government of Canada, and The Government of the United Mexican States". This document has a detailed table of contents but, unfortunately, no index! However you can search through the full text of the NAFTA for particular words or phrases with the LEXIS/NEXIS service, University Library, first floor. To access, select the NSAMER library, then the NAFTA file. The Reference department staff will assist you.

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