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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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Issue Number 18 Spring Quarter, 1995

Some new reference books for companies, and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne

Some new reference books for companies...:

Company Mission Statements collected:

An organization's "Mission Statement" is defined in Mission Statements; a Guide to the Corporate and Nonprofit Sectors (Ref HD 30.28 G697 Index table #3) as:

...a broadly defined but enduring statement of purpose that distinguishes it from other organizations of its type and identifies the scope of its operations in product and market terms. (p. ix.)

Mission Statements is a collection of some statements for 622 profit and non profit organizations' in dozens of industries in the USA and Canada. Statements range in length from one sentence to several pages. An "Introduction" provides the history and background of mission statements , including a bibliography. The missions statements are arranged alphabetically, accessed by a List of Organizations as well as by indexes by SIC industry classification and by US State and Canadian Province.

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A new directory of "emerging" companies:

The Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies (Ref HG 4057 A28618 Index table #6), profiles of America's most exciting growth enterprises, presents one- page profiles of 250 newer U.S. publicly-traded companies. The information includes a narrative overview, address, products, competitors, as well as sales, price, and earnings data. The indexes provide access by industry, location (state, city), and brands, companies, and people named. There are also rankings lists of the top 100 of these by various factors including sales, income, employment growth and P/E ratios.

And More...:

Menu choice ; The libraries of the world on your computer screen:

Well, not quite; the virtual library is more accurately the virtual library catalog, and primarily so for North America. To access: Log on to the Instructional VAXcluster; select <2> on the ISM menu, then <1> for the On-Line Catalog (OPAC). Select from the Main Menu, then <01> for Other Databases. Of these, OCLC WorldCat or FirstSearch will both present you the WorldCat, which is 24,000,000 records from 15,000 libraries. In addition FirstSearch carries indexes to articles and contents of 12,500 journals, an index to U.S. Govt. publications, to medical journals, and much more. It increases; Explore!

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More for international business:

The World Trade Atlas (CD-ROM, Reserve, ground floor), much like the National Trade Data Bank, provides data for imports and exports from and to the U.S. both by country and by product arranged by the Harmonized Coding System. This is an easy-to-use database, more valuable because the data can be transferred to computer disks either in ASCII or comma-delimited format. In order to provide this data directly to students and faculty, the World Trade Atlas CD-ROM currently circulates from Reserve for four hours.

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Human resources in the public sector:

The Handbook of Public Personnel Administration (Ref JK 765 H34 1995) is a reference book for human resources practitioners who work in public service. The Handbook contains 28 signed articles on subjects ranging from the historical, through essential topics such as administration, planning, recruitment, performance appraisal, comparable worth, race norming, workplace diversity, turnover, quality management, and volunteers in public service; all from the standpoint of the public sector. Articles contain illustrations, lists, or tables as appropriate. There are references for every article and a comprehensive overall index.

For CIS, a reference book about networks:

The goals of Novell's Complete Encyclopedia of Networking (Ref TK 5105.5 F44 1995) are to provide a single source for information related to networking and to present this information in a clear and useful format. The editors have made the entries either longer articles which summarize general, broad topics or gloss entries which have brief definitions of concepts or terms of art. There are cross references through the means of instant index logos accompanying entries referring to page numbers and key terms in other entries. The entries are alphabetical with a more detailed index. This exact 1200-page encyclopedia is also available for circulation on CD-ROM in Reserve, ground floor.

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The new edition of a standard marketing management reference:

The third edition of The Dartnell Marketing Manager's Handbook (Ref HF 5415.13 D35 1994), the last edition was 1983: New in this 1400-page work: most of the 112 contributors, new emphasis on quality, service marketing, ethics, global marketing, database marketing, and an enlarged section on marketing research. The articles have references, there is a large index.

The University Library Adopt-A-Book campaign:

Beginning 9 April library supporters can adopt a library book for a donation of $50.00. This can be a favorite title or yours or you can ask that it just be any title in a requested subject area. Your name and the date, as well as four lines for a dedication if desired, will be inscribed on a handsome bookplate. The library will maintain an Honor Roll of Donors in a prominent place and you will receive a thank-you letter from Library Director Harold Schleifer. For details please contact Cheryl Meaux (x3086), E-mail cameaux.

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