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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 22


Issue Number 22 Spring Quarter, 1996

Even more on the Online catalog (OPAC), and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne
Inform on World Wide Web: http://www.cpp.edu/~library/publications/inform/home.html

More on the Online catalog (OPAC)...:

The "phone book" direct to you through your VAX account:

Log on to Instructional VAXcluster
Select: 2. Library Services on the VAX ISM; then select 1. OPAC,
Log on by typing library in lower case:
On the library Online Services menu select:
Select: 01> Other Databases
Select: 04> FirstSearch
Select: 5
Select: F (See more databases)
Select: 13 Pro CD Biz NEW: Pro CD Business telephone listings.
Select: 14 Pro CD Home NEW: Pro CD Home telephone listings.
Type: SU: key words (personal or business name, city ); ZP: for a zip code; or PH: for the area code or number.

PRO CD BIZ gives coverage to 15 million listings from printed phone directories in the United States. It is updated quarterly.

PRO CD Home gives coverage to 80 million listings from printed phone directories in the United States. It is updated semiannually.

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Also, an Internet "phone book":

Go to: http://www2.switchboard.com

This will give you the home page of SWITCHBOARD. This is a directory with 90 million people and 10 million businesses. And it is FREE! And you can register if you want to be in the database (if you are not already). The first and last names are in different fields; so you can limit your searched to the last name only.

A Hospitality Management Internet site:

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration has a WWW site: http://www.umass.edu/hrta/ This will bring a home page with these choices: [ ABOUT HRTA ], [ BACHELOR'S PROGRAM | MASTER'S PROGRAM | PROPOSED PH.D. PROGRAM ], [HOPITALITY ON WEB | SURFER'S WORLD ], and [ HOSPITALITY RESEARCH AT-A-GLANCE]. The last listing, Hospitality Research-at-a- Glance, is a quarterly index of hospitality research material. This index is also available, at no charge, in paper. (413) 545-2535, FAX (413) 454-1235.

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The Internet "Public Library":

Go to: http://www.ipl.org/

The Internet Public Library (IPL) is presented by the University of Michigan School of Information (which used to be the "Library Science" school). The purpose of the IPL is to:

"...provide services and information which enhance the value of the Internet to its ever-expanding and varied community of users; work to broaden, diversify, and educate that community; communicate its creators' vision of the unique roles of library culture and traditions on the Internet"

The "Main Lobby" leads to the "Reference Center" which has links by subject to numerous sites. Make a "bookmark" to the IPL, it promises to bring what is possible of the "free" virtual reference library to your screen.

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On-the-Internet Internet trainers' training site:

Go to: http://world.std.com/~walthowe/intcen.html

Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center has a "button" for Internet Training. "Click" on this and find these choices: Hands On the Internet, a basic Internet training course; Developing Custom Training on Demand via the Web; Creating a Home Page Workshop; Tips and Tricks for Searching the Net; and Training Resource Links which leads to texts, lesson guides, exercises, and software. These workshops were developed for librarians so they are of the highest quality. This site also gave the address for a discussion list (listserv) for Internet trainers:

Subscribe to NETTRAIN listserv, email to: listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu. Leave the subject blank and send the one line command:

subscribe nettrain FirstName LastName

Make sure you do not add a signature block to the message. Erase it, if necessary. And you can select the NETTRAIN newsgroup. Your browser and provider must support newsgroups to use this option.

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And More...:

The Food Code for HRM:

We now have the Food Code; 1993 Recommendations of the United States Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration (Ref KF 3869 U55 1993). This is a model law offered for adoption by government agencies and is intended to apply to the "retail segment of the food industry". This document describes itself: "...model requirements for safeguarding public health and assuring food is unadulterated and honestly presented..." Chapters cover management, food, equipment, water, waste, physical facilities, and more. There are "Annexs" with charts, lists, and reading lists, and an index. To buy copies (paper $23.00, diskette (WordPerfect) $17.50 (800) 553 NTIS).

NEXT ISSUE: More on the Internet I bet, and more maybe!!!

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