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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 24


Issue Number 24 Fall Quarter, 1996

And more on the Online catalog (OPAC), and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne@csupomona.edu
Inform on World Wide Web: http://www.cpp.edu/library/publications/inform/home.html

More available through the On-line catalog (OPAC):

Business & Industry Database* direct to you through your VAX account:

Log on to Instructional VAXcluster
Select: 2. Library Services on the VAX ISM; then select 1. OPAC,
Log on by typing library in lower case:
On the library Online Services menu select:
Select: 01> Other Databases
Select: 04> FirstSearch
Select: 9
Select: Business & Industry Database
Type: SU: and the key words you want to search for; you do not have to use the Boolean operator and. The screen also suggests other ways to search.

* Business & Industry Database The Business & Industry Database (B&I) is a new database, coming this month, which contains full text and abstracts from some 700 trade and general business publications from over 30 countries. Some 250,000 records are added yearly, with monthly updates. There is full-text for 60 percent of the records; full-text articles exceeding 400 - 450 words include abstracts. Articles in languages other than English include an article title and abstract in English.

This index complements the holdings of Wilson Periodicals Index and ABI/Inform and these together bring an index to practically all the world's business literature in English to your desktop!!!

And More...:

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ADOPT -A-BOOK for the University Library:

Contribute $50 to the Adopt-A-Book campaign; donors will have their name and the date of the gift inscribed on a handsomely designed bookplate. Remember a friend, relative, or colleague; you can include a four-line personalized message of honor and tribute. You can choose to place the bookplate in a specific, favored title, or a subject specialty librarian can select an appropriate title in support of the curriculum in an indicated area of interest. OR the bookplate can be placed inside any one of the Library's 600,000 volumes. Each tax deductible gift will add one volume to our collection. The Library keeps an Honor Roll of Donors in the Library Main Entrance Foyer.

Please contact Cheryl Meaux, (909) 869-3086, E-mail cameaux@csupomona.edu, for details.

FRL Internet Sites; investments data and stock quotes:

The RCM Financial Site (http://www.rcmfinancial.com/index.htm) has over 1,100 pages and 67,000 links. The site presents a menu by broad subject and also provides a "search engine" for searching by words you choose.

Security APL QuoteServer (http://www.secapl.com/cgi-bin/qs). Enter the ticker symbol; up to 5 tickers may be entered at the same time separated by spaces. Data includes "last traded at" price, Volume, 52-week high low, Market Cap, and Beta.

StockMaster (http://www.stockmaster.com). There are menu choices for "Top Stocks", "Top Funds", "Stocks by name", "Funds by name" or enter ticket symbol to view current quote and a historical chart since 1993.

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International Business Internet Sites, "pre-selected" with a "5-Star" rating!

Macroeconomic Resources (http://www.hbs.edu/units/bgie/internet/main.html) is an Internet site mounted by Alexander Dyck, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School, of sites rated by the Dyck/Reinhardt Rating System, on the usefulness of different web sites. Links on the site are divided into main categories of "Statistical Resources", "International Organizations", "U.S. Government Departments and Agencies", "Home Pages For Country Cases", and "News Organizations and Other Referral Resources".

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Statistics on the work force:

The Statistical Handbook of Working Americans (Ref HB 2595 S67 1995), according to its subtitle, contains statistics about occupations, careers, employment, and the "work environment". The data are gathered from a variety of sources, given for every table, the great majority of which are agencies of the Federal Government. The tables are arranged by 11 broad categories including "Statistics by Industry", "Earnings and Cost of Employment", and "Skills Training and Education". Within each category specific tables cover, for example, "lunch time", "Jury Duty", or "Multiple Job Holders, by Industry: 1991". The beginning section "Summary Indicators" comprises data taken from the rest of the Handbook . There is section in the front identifying abbreviations and acronyms as well as a glossary following the tables. There is a list of sources and indexes by occupations and by subject.

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Country Risk/Political Risk analysis sources:

Country Risk Analysis; a Handbook (Ref HG 3881 C67435 1992) covers both theoretical and practical aspects of managing cross-boarder lending and investment risk. This is an edited collection of articles written by authorities in academic institutions or in business. The articles are for the specialist with an pronounced quantitative approach, employing charts, graphs, and formulas. Each has notes and references. There is a comprehensive index.

For an entry into the discipline of political and country risk analysis consult: The International Business Environment; Text and Cases (HD 62.4 S865 1995). See Chapter 10 "Country Risk Analysis" and Chapter 11 "Political Risk Analysis". Both chapters include basic definitions, selected bibliographies and cases.

NEXT ISSUE: Country data on the Internet, and more!!!

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