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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 26


Issue Number 26 Spring Quarter, 1997

"Political Risk" site on the Internet, and more!!!

by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian (x4352), E-mail dhanne@csupomona.edu
Inform on World Wide Web: http://www.cpp.edu/library/publications/inform/home.html

"Political Risk" sites on the Internet:

The following are companies that market services which offer advice on country or political risk. They also offer a limited amount of data free over the Internet:

Business Monitor Online
Business Monitor, London
The Risk Management choice will allow you to select a "Country Profiles" or a "Political Commentary" page.

Corruption Perception Index. Transparency International (TI), Berlin
The Corruption Perception Index ranks countries for corruption. On the scale a 10 is "totally clean" and a 0.0 is "totally corrupt": In 1996 New Zealand was first with 9.43 and Nigeria last with 0.69 (the US, with 7.66, was 15th).

Country Risk Analysis.
Campbell R. Harvey, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.
Country Risk Analysis presents a large amount of full-text country risk data for which as of this writing there is no fee. The data include narrative, charts, and graphs on individual countries.

Global Risk Assessments, Inc.
Jerry Rogers, College of Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona
Select GRA Research Hotlinks in left-hand column for "one stop shopping" for Internet sites relevant to country and political risk research.

Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd. (PERC)
Hong Kong
PERC has a "Library" where the public can "upload" documents. This site also has free "Country Outlooks: Country Risk Reports & Economic Indicators" for China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. The PERC home page also offers links.

Political Risk Services (PRS), East Syracuse, NY
PRS provides some brief country information free through its Internet site

And more...:

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Internet site for Internet statistical data:

CyberAtlas is the site to visit for statistics on the size and scope of the Internet itself. The site provides data on subjects such as demographics, usage patterns, advertising, hardware, software, and site building. There is also a glossary and links to other Internet resources.

Free business, management and information technology research site:

BRINT (Business Research in Information and Technology).
BRINT provides access to "full-text articles & papers, magazines & journals, case studies and tools, and thousands of other resources...of interest to Business, Technology & Information professionals." Search through menus or enter terms through a sophisticated search engine. There are a lot of choices on this site and sometimes you go through a number of menus but, trust me, BRINT does bring quality full-text articles.

A good general reference site:

This site announces itself as being for "Fun, Entertainment, And Totally Useless Information!!" but it is considerably more serious than that, and well-designed. It has links to a number of general reference resources, the weather, news, as well as a selection of HTML resources. It offers Internet search engines. And you can select and send from its choice of postcards.

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A university library site with useful page design qualities:

University of Iowa Libraries
The "gateway to the Internet" page combines information about using the Internet with links to specific sites; in addition to links to search engines (both menu and query systems), there are links to advice on using search engines.

A comprehensive reference source for non-profit organizations:

The Nonprofit Handbook, 2d ed., is in two volumes: The larger of the two, edited by Tracy Daniel Connors, is the Nonprofit Handbook: Management (Ref HD 62.6 N662 1977b). The main parts cover strategic planning, quality management and leadership; human resources, communication, fund raising, and information management; and accounting, finance, and legal issues. The other, edited by James M. Greenfield, is the Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising (Ref HD 62.6 N662 1977). Its main sections cover managing fund development, fund raising readiness, annual giving program, major giving program, select audience and environments, and support ingredients. Both volumes have lists and biographies of the contributors as well as comprehensive indexes.

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