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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 27


Issue Number 27 Summer Quarter, 1997

More on the Internet; but first: NAICS! (But what is NAICS?):

NAICS is an acronym for the North American Industry Classification System, the new industry codes developed with Canada and Mexico as a part of NAFTA. NAICS replaces the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes, last revised in 1987. The NAICS code can extend up to 6 digits instead of the SIC 4-digit limit. The University Library has a new "NAICS manual":

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Replacing Standard Industrial Classification Manual (SIC) On January 1, 1997 (Ref HF 1042 N677 1996 Business Table #2). The NAICS manual has tables comparing NAICS and SIC codes as well as alphabetical lists of both systems. A new version of the NAICS manual is scheduled to appear late in 1997.

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And there are Internet sites for NAICS:


This is a page by the US Census Bureau. Features include the text of press releases, NAICS and SIC comparability tables, NAICS implementation schedules, NAICS official notices, papers and reports relating to industrial classifications, and other papers and reports about NAICS. You can copy the full-text documents. There are also links to the concerned Canadian and Mexican offices.


Entitled North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), this site is labeled oeAn unofficial clearinghouse concerning "NAICS." It includes numerous links to other Internet sites with data on NAICS, a "Current Awareness" chart, as well as an extensive bibliography of articles on NAICS and SIC.


Standard Industrial Classification Search. Use this site to search the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Manual by keyword. http://www.osha.gov/cgi-bin/sic/sicser. This link presents the full-text SIC by Division Major SIC Group.

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And we need your help in choosing curriculum-specific Internet Sites:


This is the URL for our new REFERENCE SERVICES; Cal Poly Pomona, INTERNET REFERENCE, MAJORS AND SUBJECTS service. We are making hundreds of sites, annotated, available to directly serve the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum. Please send your suggestions for sites to add to me at dhanne (e-mail).

And Now, again even more on the Internet:


Beaucoup is an Internet "search engine" site. Go to Beaucoup to find a wide choice of search engines for the "web." This site lists search engines by category! You can view search engines specific to each category or you can search multiple engines in each category; all from one page.

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School of Hotel and Restaurant Management Ranking:


The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration Library has compiled a composite ranking of undergraduate programs in hospitality management from various sources. Select "Publications" to link to "School Ranking List" Cal Poly Pomona is there!!!

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Business Ethics Sites worldwide:


The European Institute For Business Ethics includes links to similar organizations including EBEN (European Business Ethics Network), which provides links to discussion groups.


Institute for Business & Professional Ethics, Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Commerce at DePaul University. The Institute provides an ethics network throughout the Internet.


The International Business Ethics Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C Mission fosters "global business practices which promote equitable economic development, resource sustainability and democratic forms of government" by establishing standards, developing strategies to implement them, and increasing accountability.

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Statistics; these sites have plentiful, and useful, statistical data:


Social Statistics Briefing Room (SSBR)

The SSBR provides access to current US social statistics. It provides links to a number of Federal agencies, who maintain and update by the data. The social statistics include crime rates, demographics, and statistics on education and health.


The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the basic source for statistical data about the US. The choices include links for "Frequently requested tables" "USA Statistics in Brief". This site includes a link to the County and City Data Book, which has some data for "Top Ranking" cities.


Statistical Agencies (International); The US Census Bureau maintains this page of links to foreign countries' and international organizations' statistical agencies.


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