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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 28


Issue Number 28 Fall Quarter, 1997

More on the Internet, and More!!!

Cal Poly Pomona Internet Reference Site:

Our Internet Reference site is now fully operational. The purpose of Internet Reference is to match the Internet directly with "Cal Poly Pomona majors, disciplines, and other subjects of interest to our teaching and research." The site has a selection of "comprehensive" pages such as "Business," "Hospitality," and the "Social Sciences." Besides listing general purpose sites these pages lead to subject pages for specific discipline such as "Accounting" or "Restaurant Management." You can also use an alphabetical listing to go directly to subject pages. This system presents you with a list of annotated Internet sites in no more than two steps. Subject pages typically have two to five Internet sites as well as cross reference links to similar subjects. Access the "Hospitality" page and find cross references to "Hotel Management," "Restaurant Management," and "Travel and Tourism". Go to the "Restaurant Management" page and you will find cross references to Internet "Cook Books," and "Wine and Wineries; " these last two have links that return you to "Hospitality Management". There are some subjects still to be added but the Business and Hospitality subject pages are complete. That is, they are complete for a "first draft." All subject pages have an e-mail address so that students and faculty can submit suggestions for changes and additional Internet sites.

To use Internet Reference activate the Cal Poly home page; select: University Library; then select: Internet Reference.

The direct URL is: http://www.intranet.cpp.edu/~dhanne/subjects.html

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New titles for Accountants:

Accountants Handbook, 2v., 8th ed. (Ref HF 5621 A22 1996). We now have the latest edition of the standard reference encyclopedia for accounting. There are 40 chapters is two loose-leaf volumes. The first volume covers Financial Accounting and General Topics, the second Specialized Industries and Special Topics. The latest Handbook contains new chapters on topics of special interest to the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum; "Retail Accounting," "Accounting for Government Contracts," and "International Accounting and Standards." Another chapter of special interest to us is "Real Estate and Construction." There are references for each chapter as well as an overall index.

The History of Accounting; an International Encyclopedia (Ref HF 5605 H573 1996) is the first encyclopedia about accounting history and is edited by historians of accounting, Chatfield and Vangermeersch. One interesting feature is entries for countries including China, Egypt, and Italy. There is an article for Luca Pacioli (1445 -1571), who accounting students world wide honor as the developer of double-entry accounting systems. The articles include bibliographies. The History is arranged by topic, with a "List of Entries" in front, and an index.

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Sources for Market Research:

MRA Blue Book; Research Services Directory, 2v. (Ref HF 5415.2 M3557a 1996). The MRA Blue Book is published by the Marketing Research Association. The first volume, "Geographic Section," lists marketing research companies by state. The specialties, capabilities, and physical facilities are given for each firm. The second volume is a "Specialties Cross-Reference Section" that allows you to identify firms for "Focus groups," "On-site," "Ethnic" and so on.

There is also a listing of market research sources on our Internet Reference service. Select Marketing Research from the alphabetical listing. There are sites for DQi Dataquest Interactive, FIND/SVP, and Profound™ for the Internet. Profound produces the M.A.I.D. databases of market research Note that these sites are "fee-based" and will only identify market research reports; they do not bring free full-text for non subscribers.

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Is there a "National...Week" for everything?

There just might be! To find out look at Chase's Calendar of Events (Ref GT 4803 C48 1998). Chase's , which goes on for over 700 pages, calls itself "The Day-by-Day Directory to Special Day, Weeks, and Months." The volume is organized by date so you see which day or week or month we are currently celebrating. The event is described with the sponsoring body's address and phone number. There is an overall index that allows you to find out when to observe "Hug-a-GI-Day," celebrate Shamu's birthday, or attend the "Great Arkansas Pig-Out."

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Finally, our SHRM is indeed known world wide:

Because Cal Poly Pomona has a Hospitality Management program I had a reference question via the Internet from a student in Italy asking for sources on "yield management systems" for hotels (he is writing a dissertation). I sent him some citations; he answered that will order hard copy (from local sources there).

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