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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 30


Issue Number 30 -- Spring Quarter, 1998

Yes, Still More on the Internet, and More!!!

More on the Internet:

Another "Internet Data" Internet Site:

In a previous issue (# 26) I recommended Cyberatlas (http://www.cyberatlas.com) as a source for statistics on the size and growth of the Internet. Cyberatlas still has Internet statistics but does not keep, or "archive", all useful articles and statistics. I recommend you also go to:

The Internet Index (http://www.openmarket.com/intindex/index.htm)

This site is a part of the Open Market, a software producer, Internet site. The Internet Index is inspired by Harpers magazine's "Harpers Index". The Index lists Internet facts and has a link to an annotated version that includes sources for the data. Past issues of the Index are listed so you can easily look for earlier data.

Both these sites are on our INTERNET REFERENCE site, a link on the library home page. Activate the link "Internet Basics".

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A new super business site

CEO Express! (http://www.ceoexpress.com/) claims to be the "80/20 rule applied to the Internet." That is, "80% of the useful information on Internet comes from a tiny percentage of the available websites." CEO Express! is designed to look like a lined, spiral-bound notebook. You can make it the opening page of your browser. The page is organized by broad topics such as "Daily News", "Business Research", and "Tools, Travel, and Fun". Within each category there are a large number of links to individual titles of newspapers and magazines.

Also on our INTERNET REFERENCE site, through the "Business" link.

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A general "facts" Internet site

Research It! (http://www.itools.com/research-it/research-it.html) is for looking up things. The site is organized by "Dictionary," including rhyming and pronouncing, "Thesaurus," "Translators," languages include Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, "Other," includes a language identifier and an acronym dictionary, "Library Tools," for looking up people, the Bible, and quotations, "Geographical Tools," maps , telephone directories, "Financial," including stock market, currency converters, "Shipping and Mailing," and a collection of "Internet" search engines.

On our INTERNET REFERENCE site, through the "Reference" link.

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And More (books):

A Human Resources research resource:

The Human Resource Management Handbook 3v. (Ref HD 31 H8124 1997) is organized into seven sections through three physical volumes. The first two are about employee "Participation", one "Nonfinancial" and the other "Financial." The third is "Employer Flexibility," the fourth is "Unions and Collective Bargaining," the fifth is "Workplace Dispute Resolution," the sixth is "Staffing and Reward," and the seventh is "The Changing External Environment." Within each section there are signed articles on particular aspects of the section. The articles have extensive references and each volume concludes with biographies of the contributors. Each volume is indexed but there is no index to all three volumes. The Handbook seems to cover the current body of knowledge on the field of human resources, though it would work better if it had a comprehensive index.

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And two for Accounting and Finance:

Corporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management (Ref HG 4026 S486 1997) is intended as a "practical reference for all areas of corporate financial management and accounting" and is in its entirety the work of three authors. The text is divided into sections such as "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, "Management Accounting," "Managing of Assets,' and "Tax Preparation and Planning." The articles are well-illustrated with charts, graphs, tables, and formulas, and the various topics within an article are set off in bold headings. An "Appendix" has tables for "Future Value". There is a detailed index.

International Accounting and Finance Handbook (Ref HF 5686 H36 1997) is the successor to the Handbook of International Accounting and is a collection of articles written by authorities. The International Accounting and Finance Handbook takes a consistently "international" view of its subjects with sections such as "Internationalization of the Accounting Function," "International Financial Analysis," "International Auditing," and "International Transfer Pricing and Taxation." The articles are illustrated with examples, formulas, and charts and have bibliographies. There is a detailed index covering the entire collection.

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And one for PR:

The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations & Integrated Communications (Ref HM 263 H317 1997) is divided into five parts that have long titles; briefly, after an introduction including a chapter on "career paths," there are parts on "organization," "current issues," "practice in key industries," and "special tactics." Each part has a number of chapters written by authorities. The articles can include illustrations, mini "case studies," and some have references. There is an overall index.

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And for publications (paper and electronic) of international organizations:

International Information; Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Governmental Organizations (Ref JZ 4850 I58 1997) is useful for International Business, Political Science, and History (it includes the League of Nations). The text is divided into three parts: "Institutions", "Resources", and "Processes". There are extensive bibliographies and a good index.

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NEXT ISSUE: Dow Jones News Retrieval and a new LEXIS/NEXIS!!!

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