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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; dhanne@csupomona.edu

No. 31


Issue Number 31 -- Summer Quarter, 1998

Dow Jones New Retrieval and a new LEXIS/NEXIS, and More!!!

But first; our new "home page."

The University Library has a new Internet "Home Page," through the good works of the Library's Web Team. The direct link is under "Academics" on the Cal Poly Pomona Home Page. The "Databases" and "Internet Reference" links provide direct access to the world of data outside the Library. The databases are also available through the "Other Libraries and Databases" choice on the Library Catalog. View the Catalog through the Web or by Telnet connection.

Dow Jones News Retrieval is now Dow Jones Interactive:

Dow Jones Interactive (DJI) is organized by:

"Business Newsstand" for the full text of current news. Choose the seven leading global newspapers or leading business magazines or a file of news wires. You can also browse through or search for terms within a single issue of a publication.

"Dow Jones Publications Library" contains 75 million articles from over 5,500 business publications. You can search for specific terms, for a company name, or for an industry, or for a personal name. The DJI "Publications Library" will be our largest single business publication database.

"Company and Industry Center" brings full text research and brokerage house analysts' reports from authorities world wide. Chose to search for company reports, country reports, industry reports, or market research reports.

"Historical Market Data Center" brings historical data on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, market indexes and options, dividends, and exchange rates. The coverage is world wide. You can choose from three reports type and indicate date spans.

"Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition" is the Wall Street Journal current and continuously updated all 24 hours of the day.

"Dow Jones Web Site Reviews" provides reviews and ratings for some 1000 Internet sites.

Dow Jones Interactive is available from your desktop through either "Databases" on the Library Home page or through the "Other Libraries and Databases" choice on the Library Catalog (OPAC).


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LEXIS/NEXIS is now available from your desktop; the product is now called LEXIS/NEXIS Universe: L/N is best for current news and for Federal and California law and court cases (L/N, with some exceptions, is not a scholarly or "research" database). Most documents are presented full text. The opening page gives lists of 18 categories ("search forms"), scroll down for descriptions of each. There is also a detailed "Help" screen for the entire system. When you have selected a search form you can scroll down for advice on searching. Subjects of search forms includes "Top News," "General News," "Country Profiles," "Medical Abstracts," and "Federal Case Law." Each search form includes pull-down menus of subcategories to focus your search. The search forms for "Company News" and "Industry and Market News" should be especially helpful for staying current with business developments. You can restrict "Company News" by time covered (today, six months, etc.) as well as by publication, categories include foreign by language, US regions, newsletters, and wire services. Under "Industry" you can select about 30 categories including "Apparel" and "Travel and Hospitality." LEXIS/NEXIS is under "Databases" on the new Library Home Page.

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And More:

An electronic journal archive from your desktop:

JSTOR (think "journal storage") is a full text electronic back file of some 50, and growing, scholarly journals in subjects such as Anthropology, Economics, History, Mathematics, and Sociology. The titles start with the first issue and can be as current as 1996. You can enter search terms or browse each title. The purpose of JSTOR is to save storage space in libraries now used for back files of journals in paper. JSTOR is also through Library Home Page: "Databases"

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ZACKS for investment analysis:

Zacks Investment Research University Analysis Watch is available free to Cal Poly Pomona at (http://www.ultra.zacks.com/cgi-bin/uaw). Retrieve a company by ticker symbol, if you don't know it go to the Global Symbol Database : (http://www.dbc.com/cgi-bin/htx.exe/forms/lookup.html?source=core/dbc). This will bring Zacks' company report, analyst's recommendation, and a variety of other data such as cash flow statements, risk ratings, returns on equity, some ratios, and balance sheets. Zacks is a "Database" and is included in "Internet Reference."

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NYPL business reference source:

The New York Public Library Business Desk Reference (Ref HF 5547.5 N5 1998) is not, like its title might suggest, a work designed primarily for library business desks. It is instead a one-volume library for small business practitioners. This very practical tool has 12 sections organized by topics such as "Communication," "Office Systems," "Finances and Formulas," and "Legalities." Each in turn is divided into a large number of specific subjects such as "Risk Management," or "Guide to Tipping." The text is to the point and well illustrated with examples, lists, tables, charts, contacts for further information, or directories as appropriate. And each is appended with a bibliography of sources. There is a thorough index. This is a good first place to look for it all!

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NEXT ISSUE: The Electronic Library increases, and more!!!

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