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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian

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No. 33


Issue Number 33 -- Winter Quarter, 1999

The business databases in detail, and more!!!

First; continue to send me your book requests!

As I mentioned in the last issue the Library has an extra allocation to purchase books for this academic year. Please send your requests to me (Library &emdash;15 or e-mail dhanne) now and the rest of this academic year. Thank you.

The business databases in detail

Now all of the University Library's computerized business indexes are available from your desktop. To reach these, as well as our other subject indexes and databases, go to the "Academics" listing on the Cal Poly Pomona home page; select University Library. Select "Databases" on the Library home page. The four business subject indexes are:

Wilson Article Index

Wilson covers a broad spectrum of subjects and includes some 350 business titles. We suggest you might want to begin basic business research here for the following reasons. Since Wilson includes subjects such as Agriculture, General Science, the Social Sciences, and Technology you possibly will find other points of view on your subject. The business titles are included in Wilson because they are the most read business magazines in the US. All business records include an abstract or summary of the article, which might contain the data you need. And finally, the library is most likely to have a subscription to the titles indexed in Wilson.

Searching tips: We suggest the "Keywords" screen. Enter two, maybe three words (nouns are the best) that describes the subject.


Global has 1,000 international periodicals and is strong in business and management. About one-half of the publications indexed here currently include the full text, that is, the entire text of the article is included in the database. An advantage to this database is coverage back to 1971. When you access ABI you have a choice between a "Basic" and an "Advanced" search. After you have entered the search you will see a list of articles; select to see the full text and/or abstract.

Searching tips: If you select "Advanced" search you can search by author. This is the largest business database we have that allows you to do an author search.

Business & Industry

This database carries over 900 publications from the US and 30 foreign countries and is strong for trade and industry. Some 60 percent of the records are full-text. When you access Business & Industry you have to select the years coverage you want from a list. When you have the search screen we suggest you select the "Change Display Options" button and change display options to display "Complete Records." You can also select the languages of the articles. After you have entered a search you will see a box with your search statement as a link. Select the link and see the records. Scroll down to see the abstracts (and text if included); the words you enter will be displayed in bold.

Searching tips: Business & Industry requires the Boolean Operator and between keywords. If you do not use and the system will only find the words next to each other. Search for "Words Anywhere" but if you retrieve a high number of articles you might want to try searching for the words in the "Title".

Dow Jones Interactive

After you bring up Dow Jones Interactive from the databases list select "Publications Library." This database carries 6000 business publications of all types from newspapers to scholarly journals. You can select publications by industry or search all 6000 at once. When you select "Change Publications" you can choose "Publications by Industry". If you choose one or more industries and remove the newspapers and wire services from the list you will retrieve more scholarly articles. After you have entered a search you will see a listing of "Headlines" (titles) with a brief description including the number of words in the article. When you select a "Headline" you will retrieve the full text of the article. If you select the question mark (?) on the top bar you will see a detailed series of help screens.

Searching tips: Dow Jones Interactive also requires the Boolean and between words. Since this is such a large database we also suggest you first try your search through "Headline & Lead Paragraph" rather than through the "Full Article". The default is "Full Article," pull down the menu to change this.

A "tip" on selecting "key" words: To select the keywords or terms to search for imagine the title of the article that would have exactly what you are looking for, then select at least two, and no more than three, "key" words from the title. The keywords will usually be nouns. You can also use the thesis sentence of your project to select keywords. Also Note that all databases have useful Help Screens.

Final searching "tips": DO NOT restrict you search to the full text articles because you can not be sure that all you need will be available full text. Scholarly publications, for example, are not always presented in full text. Therefore, Never consider a search complete until you have searched all four of these databases!


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And More:

Data on the Inland Empire:

We are now receiving The Inland Empire Abstract (Ref HA 267 S33 I5), issued every two years. The Abstract provides historical statistical data on Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The data includes "Population, Labor Force and Employment, Trade & Services, Taxable Sales, Housing and Real Estate, Vital Statistics, Education, Natural Resources, Health and Welfare, Crime, Fire Incidents," and more. Some statistics are broken out by city or town, for example population, taxable sales, and injury automobile accidents. SAT scores are listed by high school. The Abstract concludes with a "Bibliography and List of Sources.


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NEXT ISSUE: Government Contracts database on CD-ROM, and more!!!

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