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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian

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No. 34


Issue Number 34 -- Spring Quarter, 1999

Government Contracts database on CD-ROM, and more!!!

Don't forget to send me your book requests!

The Library still has part of the extra allocation to purchase books for this academic year. Please send your requests to me (Library -- 15 or e-mail dhanne) by May 1, 1999. Thank you.

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Government Contracts database on CD-ROM:

We are now subscribing to the Commerce Clearing House (CCH) Government Contracts Reports on CD-ROM. The computer workstation is located behind the Reference Desk in the University Library, first floor. All 10 volumes of the Reports are on one CD-ROM. The service is updated monthly by an updated CD and weekly with paper issues. The paper issues are in a file next to the CD-ROM terminal.

To search the Government Contracts Reports, key F4 will display a search window. Chose from three ways to search, "Basic" will use all terms you enter, "Plain Language" will find any of the terms, and "Advanced" allows the use of Boolean operators. Through "Document Type Target" select all or parts of the Reports to search. Enter terms; select (double click) from list to see full text.

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Also of interest to Government Contracts:

The National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) includes "Trade Leads" from various sources including governments at all levels. For opportunities with government see the links for:
Commerce Business Daily Leads

Defense Logistics Agency Leads

State and Local Government Procurements

To access NTDB go to Stat-USA under Databases on the Library's Internet Home Page. Then select GLOBUS & NTDB.

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And More:

The California Code of Regulations:

The full text of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), formerly called the California Administrative Code, is now available on the Internet: The site is presented by the State Of California Office of Administrative Law. You can search the CCR database by the Agency, by its Table of Contents, or by entering terms in a "search form" that allows use of Boolean operators. Click on "How to use this Website" for complete instruction on searching the CCR.

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A database for Law Reviews:

Law Reviews are scholarly publications on the law. They are typically the publications of University Law schools or other learned institutions; for example, the University Library subscribes to
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review (Periodicals K5 .N83)

California Law Review (Periodicals K3 .A433)

Tax Law Review (Periodicals KF6272 .T39)

and several others. The advantage of Law Reviews is that they contain the most authoritative discussions of legal subjects and include citations to relevant court cases. The Lexis/Nexis online service includes a full text "Law Reviews" file, which provides more than 200 law reviews and law journals. Find Lexis/Nexis as one of the Databases on the Library's Internet Home Page. This database also has a file for "Legal News" and, of course, the full text of the court cases for the United State courts and the courts of the states. Each file includes help screens.

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"Who Spends How Much on What?":

This is the subtitle for Household Spending (Ref HC 110 C6 H68), which is based upon data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 1995 Consumer Expenditure Survey (HD6983 U595); and Internet at: Household Spending begins with a chapter on "Spending Trends: 1985 to 1995", the continues with 10 additional chapters entitled "Spending on..." apparel, entertainment, financial products and services, food and alcohol, gifts, two chapters on housing, health care, personal care, and transportation. Data in each chapter is organized under age, income, household type, and region. There is a brief narrative introduction to each of these topics. For some categories data includes market shares and projections. A "Glossary" explains the scope of each category or product. There is an overall index so that you can find specific items such as furniture, smoke alarms, toys or washing machines.

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