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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian

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No. 35


Issue Number 35 -- Summer Quarter, 1999

Corporate "Givers," and more!!!

Corporate "Givers":

The University Library holds several directories of company philanthropy:

Corporate Giving Directory (Ref HV 97 A3 T29) provides descriptions of some 1,000 corporate charitable programs in the US. The company description includes the contact person, a contributions summary, giving priorities, typical recipients, where the companies operate, and more. Indexes sort companies by a variety of ways including by location of grant recipient, by recipient type (which includes education), by headquarters state, and by application deadline. Among other indexes are officers and directors by place of birth and Alma Mater.

The Directory of Corporate and Foundation Givers (Ref HG 4028 C6 D576), in two volumes, covers close to 8,000 private foundation and corporate giving programs in the US. This directory is published by the same company as the Corporate Giving Directory above. The organization and indexing is similar, but this title does not sort directors by place of birth and Alma Mater.

The Directory of International Corporate Giving in America and Abroad (Ref HV 97 A3 D57) is a directory of giving in the US by foreign owned companies and US multinational corporate philanthropy for international purposes, a total of 650 companies. The Directory is divided by "Foreign Owned US Companies Contributions Programs" and "US Companies International Programs." Descriptions include contact person, giving summary, types of support, typical recipients, and restrictions. Indexes include by grant type and by recipient type.


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And we have directories of charitable foundations (also "givers"):

Annual Register of Grant Support; a Directory of Funding Sources (Ref AS 911 A2 A67) lists some 3,323 grant programs from governments, private foundation will include addresses and for complete descriptions will include purpose, areas of interest, amounts or grants, and sometimes representative awards. There are indexes by subject, location, program, and agency personnel.

The Foundation Directory (Ref AS 911 A2 F65) lists foundations by state. For each it gives financial data, purpose and fields of interest, limitations (for example, does the foundation accept applications or give grants to individuals), officers and directors, and amount and beneficiaries of selected grants. And, of course, foundation address are provided. Indexes provide access by geographic region, by donors, officers, and trustees, and by type of support.

The Foundation Grants Index (Ref AS 911 A2 F66) lists grants given by purpose. Within each category the grants are listed by state, and within state by the foundation who gave the grant. And the recipient and amount of grant is included. There are a number of indexes, including by recipient, type of support in geographic location, recipient category, and grants by foundation.

The Foundation 1000; in Depth Profiles of the 1000 Largest U.S. Foundations (Ref HV 97 F65 F67a) is a source to consult perhaps after you have used some of the other titles for initial screening. This source has a lot more information on the purpose of the foundation, types of grants given and their amounts, and on the types of recipients. The indexing is not as detailed, but there are indexes by donors, officers, trustees, and staff; by subjects; and by type of support.

Foundation Reporter; Comprehensive Profiles and Giving Analysis of America's Major Private Foundations (Ref HV 97 A3 T323) does much the same as the The Foundation 1000 in that it provides details of the giving activities of some 1000 of the largest U.S. foundations. A difference is that this directory has more indexes; notable ones are "Foundations by Recipient Type" and by "Donor."

Guide to U.S. Foundations, their Trustees, Officers, and Donors (Ref HV 97 A3 G84) is the most comprehensive of these directories, listing a total of 42,071 foundations. Of course with this number there will be less information for each, but the entries do include limitations, contact person, and application information for the foundations that accept grant requests. A separate volume indexes the foundations by name and by trustee, officer, and donor.


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Country overviews full text free on the Internet:

You remember the Army Area Handbook for ...; then the names changed to ... a Country Study. Now the Library of Congress had mounted these on the Internet full text for 91 countries.

The Country Commercial Guides, a feature of the National Trade Data bank (NTDB), are also on the Internet at:

The Commercial Guides report on foreign countries' commercial environments, through economic, political and market analysis by US Government agencies.


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