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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 36


Issue Number 36 -- Fall Quarter, 1999

Electronic Databases update, and more!!!

First; now you can schedule Library Instruction classes over the Internet:

Faculty can schedule Library instruction via the Campus Intranet. Go to the Library Home Page and activate the link Library Instruction Request Form, which for now is under "What's New?" on the left side of the Home Page. This link will bring an online form asking for the date, time, and class content. To quote our "Teaching Services" page: "The library's program of Bibliographic Instruction is designed to introduce students to the basic sources and library research strategies needed for a specific course or assignment." You can also arrange for Library instruction by calling extension 3076 or in person in Reference, First floor.

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Electronic Databases update:

A "Search Engine" on Internet Reference Sites:

Our Internet Reference site (on the Library's Home Page) has a search engine now. This site organizes the Internet for the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum. We have entered all the subject pages into the search engine and assigned index "key words" to each. There are as of 9/99 168 pages indexed with anywhere from three to ten, or more, key words each (and each page has a number of selected, quality, and annotated Internet sites). Now you can enter words into a search window to retrieve subject pages. The pages still have the cross-references to other pages. The "subject listing" is now the site's "Site Map" and it will stay current and accurate. The significance of these changes is that now you have three ways to access subject pages in the Internet Reference Sites database. Use a broad approach based upon general reference subjects and the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum; select from an alphabetical list of pages by using the Site Map (the list includes direct links to remote Internet sites of importance); or enter words of your choosing into the search window.

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A new Tax Service (as well as a continuing tax service):

We have subscribed to a new tax service, the CCH Tax Research Network. This service comes over the Internet and you can access it under "Databases" on the Library's Home Page. After you select CCH Tax click on "Enter", then choose from "Tax News" or "Federal" or "State" taxes. CCH provides the full text of United States and State (including California) tax laws and regulations as well as tax court cases, revenue rulings, memoranda, and various IRS publications. In addition CCH provides tax commentaries and reporters that explain taxes. For example, for federal taxes I suggest you begin your research in "Explanations and Analysis." The texts of these explanations include hyperlinks to the full text of the "Primary Sources," the applicable laws, regulations, and cases.

We still have a number of Research Institute of America (RIA) tax services as part of Lexis/Nexis. These include:

RIA Tax Reporter - Income, Estate & Excise
RIA Estate & Financial Planners Alert
RIA Employee Benefits Alert & RIA Executive Compensation Alert
RIA Weekly Tax Alert

Lexis/Nexis includes a large number of other tax databases including Tax Analysts Journals and Private Letter Rulings/Tax Advice Memorandum. Find these in Lexis/Nexis by selecting "Legal Research" then scrolling down and selecting "Tax Law." Then select RIA or another of the tax databases from a pull-down menu.

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An electronic Simmons for Market Research:

The University Library now receives Simmons Survey of Markets and Media on CD-ROM. Simmons is a market research report that matches brands people buy with media they read or watch. The paper version of Simmons is some 35 volumes and has not been updated since 1994. The CD-ROM version from Simmons Market Research Bureau is called Choices II, and will be updated every year. The workstation is behind the Reference Desk, First floor. There are a number of tutorials on the Internet that explain the use of the Simmons CD-ROM; find these on our Internet Reference Sites on the "Marketing Management" page. You can also find the tutorials by clicking on "Simmons" on the Internet Reference SiteMap index or by typing "simmons" into the search engine window.

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And More:

Stock Prices Historically by day, week, or month, including Dividends:

Go to: to retrieve historical stock price data. This site is provided by Yahoo! from Commodity Systems, Inc. (CSI) data. You select the dates and ask for prices daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also ask for dividends. The prices are adjusted for dividends and splits; there is a FAQ page that explains the data in detail. You can download the historical stock price charts into a spreadsheet format readable by standard programs like Excel or Quicken. The FAQ page includes special downloading instructions for Netscape 4.0 users.

The Yahoo! Historical Quotes site is on our Internet Reference Sites "Companies (Publicly-Traded)" page. This page includes other stock quotation sites.

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Codes of Ethics for the Professions:

We have received a new edition of Codes of Professional Responsibility: Ethics Standards in Business, Health, and Law 4th ed. (Ref BJ 1725 C57 1999). This source has the text of the codes of ethics for Accounting, Advertising and Marketing, Banking, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, Insurance, Management, and Real Estate. For some professions there are more than one code. There are also "Business Ethics" and "Ethics" pages on Internet Reference Sites.

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